Firewords Quarterly Issue 4 is hot off the press!

Firewords Quarterly Issue 4

Issue 4 of Firewords Quarterly is here.

Hi ShortStops! Like a mother bird proudly and hesitantly nudging its baby from the nest, we are thrilled to release Issue 4 of Firewords into the world. As always, it features a smorgasbord of short fiction, flash fiction and poetry, all enhanced by an esteemed line-up of talented artists. Take a closer look!

Firewords Quarterly Issue 4

In other Firewords news:

Firewords About Us
Want to meet the people behind Firewords? Our website finally has an About page – it’s only taken us a year!
Want to know more about us? We’ve got a series of Meet the Team interviews coming to the blog. First up, a chat with our editor, Dan.
Our hugely popular back issue bundles are back in the online shop with limited stock. Don’t miss your chance to catch up on Issues 1, 2 and 3.

Firewords Issue 4 - Pluggin Leaks
Firewords Issue 4 - Apocalypse

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