Short Story Collection Authors


Niki Aguirre author of 29 Ways to Drown, and Terminal Romance

Brian Aldiss author of many short story collections

Gail Aldwin author of Paisley Shirt

Nina Allan author of A Thread of Truth, The Silver Wind, Microcosmos, and Stardust: The Ruby Castle Stories

Dinesh Allirajah author of A Manner of Speaking

Michael Arditti author of Good Clean Fun

Lane Ashfeldt author of Saltwater

A J Ashworth author of Somewhere Else Or Even Here

David Ayres author of Top of the Sixties, and The Canaries Collection


Elizabeth Baines author of Balancing on the Edge of the World

Richard Bardsley author of Body Parts

Robert Barnard (1936-2013) author of Death of a Salesperson and Other Untimely Exits, and The Habit of Widowhood

Colin Barrett author of Young Skins

Kevin Barry author of There Are Little Kingdoms and Dark Lies The Island

Martin Bax author of Memoirs Of A Gone World

Alan Beard author of Taking Doreen Out Of The Sky and You Don’t Have To Say

Alec Beattie author of Mendacities

Chris Beckett author of The Turing Test and The Peacock Cloak

Claire-Louise Bennet author of Pond

Alan Bilton author of The Known and Unknown Sea

Nicholas Blincoe author of My Mother Was A Bank Robber

Lochlan Bloom author of Ambi and Anspi & Other Stories

Charles Boyle author of The Manet Girl

Carys Bray author of Sweet Home

Edna O’Brien author of The Love Object and Other Stories, A Scandalous Woman and Other Stories, Mrs Reinhardt and Other Stories, Returning, A Fanatic Heart, Lantern Slides, Saints and Sinners

Sean O’Brien author of The Silence Room

Bill Broady author of In This Block There Lives A Slag

Hugh Brody author of Means Of Escape

Rebecca Burns author of Catching The Barramundi

James Burr author of Ugly Stories For Beautiful People

Frank Burton author of A History Of Sarcasm

A S Byatt author of Sugar And Other Stories, The Matisse Stories, The Djinn In The Nightingale’s Eye, Elementals, and Little Black Book of Stories


Lucy Caldwell collection forthcoming

Neil Campbell author of Broken Doll and Pictures From Hopper

Ramsey Campbell author of many short story collections

Jo Cannon author of Insignificant Gestures

Patrick Chapman author of The Wow Signal

Regi Claire author of Fighting It

Jai Clare author of The Cusp Of Something

James Claffey author of Blood A Cold Blue

Annie Clarkson author of Winter Hands

Sally Cline author of One Of Us Is Lying

Kathryn Cockrill author of Case Files of the Supernatural

Micheál Ó Conghaile author of Fourfront, The Colours of Man, and The Man Who Never Laughs

Jamie O’Connell author of Some Sort Of Beauty

David Constantine author of Under The Dam, The Shieling, and Tea At The Midland

Mary Costello author of The China Factory

Ailsa Cox author of The Real Louise and Other Stories

Linda Cracknell author of The Searching Glance, and Life Drawing

Guy Cranswick author of Nine Avenues, and Corporate

Kelly Creighton author of Bank Holiday Hurricane

Anthony Cropper author of Nature’s Magician


Madeleine D’Arcy author of Waiting For The Bullet And Other Stories

Julia Darling (1956-2005) author of Bloodlines

Judy Darley author of Remember Me To The Bees

Carys Davies author of Some New Ambush, and The Redemption of Galen Pike

Laura Del-Rivo author of Where Is My Mask Of An Honest Man?

Jo Derrick author of Twisted Sheets

Mary O’Donnell author of Storm Over Belfast

Anne Donovan author of Hieroglyphics and Other Stories

Gerard Donovan author of Country Of The Grand

Maria Donovan author of Tea for Mr Dead and Pumping Up Napoleon

Stanley Donwood author of Slowly Downwards and Household Worms

Susan Millar DuMars author of American Girls and Lights In The Distance

Patricia Duncker author of Monsieur Shoushana’s Lemon Trees, and Seven Tales of Sex and Death

Suzannah Dunn author of Darkers Days Than Usual, and Tenterhooks

Jeremy Dyson author of Never Trust A Rabbit, and The Cranes That Build The Cranes


Richard Easter author of Cover Stories

Catherine Eisner author of Sister Morphine, and Listen Close To Me

Crista Ermiya author of The Weather in Kansas

Stuart Evers author of Ten Stories About Smoking

James Everington author of Falling Over


Zoe Fairbarns author of How Do You Pronounce Nulliparous?

Michael J Farrell author of Life In The Universe, and Life Here Below

Jane Feaver author of Love Me Tender

Christopher Fielden author of Bloodless Volume 1: Alternative Afterlives

Tibor Fischer author of Crushed Mexican Spiders, and Don’t Read This Book If You’re Stupid

Kitty Fitzgerald author of Miranda’s Shadow

Òrfhlaith Foyle author of Somewhere In Minnesota

Matthew Francis author of Singing A Man To Death


David Gaffney author of Sawn-Off Tales, Aromabingo, The Half Life Of Songs, and More Sawn-Off Tales

Patrick Gale author of Gentleman’s Relish

Janice Galloway author of Blood and Collected Stories

Frances Gapper author of Absent Kisses, and The Tiny Key

David Gardiner author of The Other End Of The Rainbow

Jeff Gardiner author of A Glimpse of the Numinous

Vanessa Gebbie author of Words From A Glass Bubble and Storm Warning

Maggie Gee author of The Blue

Sue Gee author of Last Fling

Brian George author of Walking The Labyrinth and  Blindfold

Chrissie Gittins author of Family Connections

Rodge Glass author of LoveSexTravelMusik

Katharine Goddard author of A Spirited Evening and Other Stories, and Mysterious Tales

Pippa Goldschmidt author of The Need For Better Regulation of Outer Space

Jon Gower author of Big Fish

Robert Graham author of The Only Living Boy

Bronwen Griffiths author of Not Here Not Us

David Gullen, author of Open Waters.


Tessa Hadley author of Married Love, and Sunstroke And Other Stories

Sarah Hall author of The Beautiful Indifference and Madame Zero

Sophie Hannah author of The Fantastic Book Of Everybody’s Secrets

Maggie Harris author of Canterbury Tales on a Cockrow Morning

Caroline Healy author of A Stitch In Time

Tania Hershman author of The White Road And Other Stories,  My Mother Was An Upright Piano: Fictions, and Some Of Us Glow More Than Others

Katherine Hetzel author of Granny’s Rainbow

Charlie Hill author of Walking Backwards

Peter Hobbs author of I Could Ride All Day In My Cool Blue Train

Liam Hogan author of Happy Ending Not Guaranteed

Andrew Hook author of The Virtual Menagerie, Beyond Each Blue Horizon, Residue, Nitrospective, and Human Maps

Tamsin Hopkins author of Shore to Shore


Mark Ilis author of Tender


Gwynneth Jones author of Identifying The Object, Seven Tales And A Fable, Grazing The Long Acre, The Buonarotti Quarter, and The Universe Of Things

Vivien Jones author of Perfect 10, and White Poppies

Pat Jourdan author of Rainy Pavements


Paul Kane author of Alone, Touching The Flame, Funny Bones, Master Of The White Worms, Dalton Quayle and The Temple Of Deadly Danger, The Shadows Trilogy, Peripheral Visions, Shadow Writer, and The Butterfly Man And Other Stories

Deborah Kay Davies author of Grace, Tamar and Laszlo the Beautiful

Alex Keegan author of Ballistics

Claire Keegan author of Antartica, and Walk The Blue Fields

A L Kennedy author of Night Geometry And The Scarscadden Trains, Now That You’re Back, Original Bliss, Invisible Acts, and What Becomes

Calum Kerr author of Braking Distance, and Lost Property

A J Kirby author of Mix Tape

Hanif Kureishi author of Love In A Blue Time, Midnight All Day, and The Body And Other Stories


Charles Lambert author of The Scent Of Cinnamon

Zoe Lambert author of The War Tour

Helen Laycock author of Light Bites, Peace and Disquiet, and Minor Discord

Tom Lee author of Greenfly

Shaun Levin author of A Year Of Two Summers

Deborah Levy author of Black Vodka

David Ralph Lewis author of Amber Stars: One Night of Stories

Toby Litt author of Adventures In Capitalism, Exhibitionism

Alison Lock author of Above The Parapet

Kirsty Logan author of The Rental Heart And Other Fairy Tales


Rowena Macdonald author of Smoked Meat

Annaliese Mackintosh author of Any Other Mouth

Rory Maclean author of Pictures of You

Alison MacLeod author of 15 Modern Tales Of Attraction and All the Beloved Ghosts

Ken MacLeod author of Giant Lizards From Another Star

Paul Magrs author of Playing Out, and Twelve Stories

Susie Maguire author of The Short Hello, and Furthermore

Vesna Main author of Temptation: A User’s Guide

Sara Maitland author of Telling Tales, A Book Of Spells, Women Fly When Men Aren’t Watching, Angel And Me, On Becoming A Fairy Godmother, and Far North And Other Dark Tales

Helena Mallett author of 75 x 75 = Flash Fraction

Martin Malone, author of The Mango War & Other Stories, and Deadly Confederacies & Other Stories

Jay Mandal author of Slubberdegullion, Loss Of Innocence, and A Different Kind Of Love

André Mangeot author of A Little Javanese and True North

Linda Mannheim author of Above Sugar Hill

Hilary Mantel author of Learning To Talk

Adam Marek author of Instruction Manual For Swallowing and The Stone Thrower

Tim Maughan author of Paintwork

Adam Maxwell author of Dial M For Monkey, Chills, Kills And Snowflakes, and The Night Before Christmas Before I Was Married And Other Festive Tales

Jo Mazelis author of Diving Girls, Circle Games and Ritual, 1969

Jaki McCarrick author of The Scattering

Maria C McCarthy author of As Long As It Takes

Alan McCormick author of Dogsbodies And Scumsters

Val McDermid author of Stranded, and Gunpowder Plots

Bernie McGill author of Sleepwalkers and Other Stories

Jon McGregor author of This Isn’t The Sort Of Thing That Happens To Someone Like You

Andrew McIntyre author of The Short, The Long And The Tall

Donal McLaughlin author of An Allergic Reaction To National Anthems and Other Stories, and Beheading The Virgin Mary And Other Stories (March 2014)

Alan McMonagle author of Liar Liar and Psychotic Episodes

Catherine McNamara author of Pelt And Other Stories and The Cartography of Others

Susana Medina author of Red Tales

James Meek author of The Museum Of Doubt

Paul Meloy author of Islington Crocodiles

Pauline Melville author of Shape-Shifter, and The Migration Of Ghosts

Samantha Memi author of Kate Moss and Other Heroines

Jay Merill author of Astral Bodies and God Of The Pigeons

Anna Metcalfe author of Blind Water Pass and Other Stories

Erinna Mettler author of Starlings

China Miéville author of Looking For Jake

Rob Mimpriss author of Reasoning and For His Warriors

Rosalind Minett author of Me-Time Tales

Alison Moore author of The Pre-War House And Other Stories

Steve Morris author of In All Probability and Jumble Tales

Graham Mort author of Touch and Terroir


Marc Nash author of Long Stories Short, 52FF, and 16 FF

Ryan O’Neill author of A Famine In Newcastle and The Weight Of A Human Heart

Courttia Newland author of  Music For The Off-Key and A Book Of Blues

Emma Newman author of From Dark Places

Kim Newman author of the Original Dr Shade and Other Stories, Famous Monsters, Back In The USSA, Where The Bodies Are Buried, Seven Stars, Unforgivable Stories, Binary 2, Dead Travel Fast, The Secret Files Of The Diogenes Club

Nuala Ní Chonchúir author of The Wind Across The Grass, To The World Of Men, Welcome, Nude, Mother America, Of Dublin And Other Fictions, and Joyride to Jupiter

Éilís Ní Dhuibhne author of Blood And Water, Eating Women Is Not Recommended, The Inland Ice, The Pale Gold Of Alaska, Midwife To The Fairies, The Shelter of Neighbours

Jeff Noon author of Pixel Juice, and Cobrilingus

Gregory Norminton author of Thumbnails, and The Ghost Who Bled And Other Stories


Aiden O’Reilly author of Greetings, Hero

Helen Oyeyemi author of Mr Fox


Lorna Page author of Ebb And Flow

Nick Parker author of The Exploding Boy And Other Tiny Tales

Rosalie Parker author of The Old Knowledge And Other Stories

Cassandra Parkin author of New World Fairy Tales

Wendy Perriam author of Dreams, Demons And Desire, Virgin In The Gym, Laughter Class, The Biggest Female In The World, Little Marvel, The Queen’s Margarine, I’m On The Train!

Nik Perring author of Not So Perfect

Jonathan Pinnock author of Dot Dash

Cherry Potts author of  Mosaic of Air, and Tales Told Before Cockcrow

Gareth Powell author of Entropic Angel, and The Last Reef

Christopher Priest author of Real-Time World, An Infinite Summer, The Dream Archipelago, Ersatz Wines

Kate Pullinger author of Forcibly Bewitched, Tiny Lies, My Life As A Girl In A Men’s Prison, and A Curious Dream



Rosanne Rabinowitz author of Resonance & Revolt

Mahesh Rao author of One Point Two Billion: stories from rising India

John Reid author of The Skipping Verger And Other Tales

Sean O’Reilly author of Curfew

Dan Rhodes author of Anthropology, Don’t Tell Me The Truth About Love, and Marry Me

Susannah Rickards author of Hot Kitchen Snow

Valerie O’Riordan author of Enough

Justina Robson author of Heliotrope

Jane Rogers author of Hitting Trees With Sticks

Ethel Rohan author of Hard To Say, Cut Through The Bone, and Goodnight Nobody

David Rose author of Posthumous Stories

Dilys Rose author of Our Lady Of The Pickpockets, Lord Of Illusions, and Selected Stories

Lee Rourke author of Everyday 

Nicholas Royle author of Mortality

Mike Russell author of Nothing Is Strange and Strange Medicine

Geoff Ryman author of Paradise Tales


Cordelia Salter author of Queen Idia’s Africa

Sarah Salway author of Leading The Dance

Polly Samson author of Lying in Bed, and Perfect Lives

John Saul author of Call It Tender, The Most Serene Republic, As Rivers Flow, and Even The Butterfly Must Endure The Storm

Alexei Sayle author of Barcelona Plates, and The Dog Catcher

Gemma Seltzer author of Speak To Strangers

Ellis Sharp author of The Aleppo Button, Lenin’s Trousers, To Wanstonia, Driving My Baby Back Home, Arla Fritta, and Dead Iraqis

Robert Shearman author of Tiny Deaths, Love Songs For The Shy And Cynical, Everyone’s Just So Special, and Remember Why You Fear Me

Stephen Shieber author of Being Normal

Steph Shields author of Swan Landings

Felicity Skelton author of Eating A Sandwich

Ali Smith author of Free Love And Other Stories, Other Stories And Other Stories, The Whole Story And Other Stories, The First Person And Other Stories, and Public Library and Other Stories

Catherine Smith author of The Biting Point

Eddie Stack author of The West, Out Of The Blue, Quare Hawks, Borderlines

Mark Staniforth author of XXXmas Box, and Fryupdale

Louise Stern author of Chattering

Mark Stewart author of The Screaming Planet and The Absence of Wings

Ashley Stokes author of Syllabus of Errors

Elizabeth Stott author of Familiar Posessions

Simon Strantzas author of Beneath The Surface, Cold To The Touch, and Nightingale Songs.

Mitzi Szereto author of  Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts, Wicked: Erotic Tales of Legendary Lovers, Red Velvet and Absinthe, Erotic Fairy Tales, Foreign Affairs, Getting Even, Dying For It


Jane Talbot author of The Faerie Thorn and Other Stories

Padrika Tarrant author of Broken Things, and Fates Of The Animals

Jonathan Taylor, author of Kontakte and Other Stories

Frances Thimann author of Cello And Other Stories, and November Wedding

Ruth Thomas author of Supergirl, The Dance Settee, and Sea Monster Tattoo

Carl Tighe author of Rejoice And Other Stories, PAX: Variations

Emma Timpany author of Over the Dam, and The Lost of Syros

William Trevor author of The Day We Got Drunk on Cake and Other Stories, The Ballroom of Romance and Other Stories, The Last Lunch of the Season, Angels at the Ritz and Other Stories, Lovers of their Time, Beyond the Pale, The Stories of William Trevor, The News from Ireland and Other Stories, Family Sins and Other Stories, Outside Ireland: Selected Stories,  The Collected Stories, After Rain, Cocktails an Doney’s, The Hill Bachelors, A Bit On the Side, Cheating at Canasta, Bodily Secrets, The Collected Stories.

Michelle Tudor author of Miyoko & Other Stories



Simon Van Booy author of The Secret Lives Of People In Love, and Love Begins In Winter

Salley Vickers author of Aphrodite’s Hat

Tom Vowler author of The Method and Dazzling the Gods


Dolores Walshe, author of MoonMad

Joanna Walsh author of Fractals and Worlds from the Word’s End

D P Watt author of The Phantasmagorical Imperative and Other Fabrications

Clare Wigfall author of The Loudest Sound And Nothing

Margaret Wilkinson author of 1956

Joel Willans author of Spellbound

Conrad Williams author of Born With Teeth, and Use Once, Then Destroy

Eley Williams author of Attrib.

Gee Williams author of Blood etc.., Magic, And Other Deceptions, A Girl’s Arm

Tony Williams author of All The Bananas I’ve Never Eaten

Jeanette Winterson author of The World And Other Places,

Lucy Wood author of Diving Belles

Starr Wood author of Once Upon a Timepiece

Gerard Woodward author of Caravan Thieves

Jan Woolf author of Fugues On A Funny Bone

Jeremy Worman author of Fragmented and Swimming with Diana Dors and Other Stories.



Tamar Yellin author of Kafka In Bronteland