Lit Mags

50GS – “Digipub: poetry, prose, video poems, literary videos, artwork.”

101 Fiction – “1 word title. 100 word story. Flash fiction: science fiction, fantasy, horror, surreal.”

1000Words: “flash fictions written to a picture prompt” ONLINE CLOSED

Two Hundred by 200: – “We welcome submissions from anyone with a creative flair” EZINE

Four Thirty Three – ” broadcasting and podcasting short stories of around five minutes (up to 1,000 words)” AUDIO CLOSED


The A3 Review – “a fold-out magazine – It behaves like a map but it’s a magazine” PRINT

A Million Ways magazine – “we publish new writing that hasn’t been seen before as well as old and previously submitted pieces that have been unsuccessful, for whatever reason, and those reasons are many. The right story in the wrong place at the wrong time.” PRINT

A New Ulster: “Northern Ireland’s newest literary and arts ezine, magazine.”ONLINE

A Tale of 3 Cities: “the first printed arts journal to join up the points of Europe’s golden triangle: London, Paris and Berlin.” PRINT

Ache – “a new digital magazine by women about illness, health & pain. We send essays, fiction, interviews, poetry, art & magic straight to your inbox.”

Aesthetica – “engages with contemporary art, contextualising it within the larger cultural framework.” PRINT

African Writing  – “Our natural constituency of writers and material are African or Diasporan (please interpret boldly)” PRINT

The Alarmist: “We want funny, we want dark, we want darkly funny, we want surreal, we want experimental” PRINT CLOSED

Albedo One – ” Ireland’s longest-running and foremost magazine of the Fantastic. ” PRINT PAYING

All The Sins – “Literary & arts mag encouraging artistic discourse & storytelling that sins”

All Those Things Left Unsaid: “A digital collection of contemporary writing and other kinds of work on the theme of conversations that were never had” ONLINE

AltHist “the magazine of Historical Fiction and Alternate History. ” ONLINE CLOSED

Ambit – “quarterly, 96 page magazine that prints original poetry, short fiction,art and reviews.” PRINT, PAYING

Annexe Magazine: – “Articles and fiction online every week” PRINT & ONLINE CLOSED

Another North – “a new online platform for writing from, or set in the North of England. We also consider submissions from North Wales and Scotland. We are dedicated to showcasing new and exciting writing.” ONLINE

Arete  “Arts Tri-Quarterly – Fiction, poetry, reportage, reviews PRINT

The Arts Foundry: “a website and journal based in the Black Country, championing regional art and writing”. PRINT& ONLINE

Avis – “a publication run by MA students at Manchester Metropolitan University – to discover the voices of new and emerging writers” PRINT


Bandit Fiction

The Bangor Literary Journal

Banipal –  “publishing contemporary authors and poets from all over the Arab world in English translation” PRINT

Banshee – “new print journal of exciting, accessible, contemporary writing from Ireland and around the world – short stories, flash fiction, poems and essays” PRINT

Bare Fiction: “Flash fiction of a 100 – 1000 words or short stories of up to 5000 words, we have space for it in our magazine.” PRINT

Beautiful Losers – “Honest literature, on the rocks”

Bitterzoet magazine – “A taste of something that matters.”

Black and Blue: “We are looking for poetry, drama, prose and other.” PRINT  CLOSED

Black Market Re-view   – “poetry, flash fiction, short stories”ONLINE

Black Static – horror fiction PRINT PAYING

BlueHouse Journal – “an online literary journal exploring the use of the “I voice” by emerging and established writers through experimental and cross-genre forms. We like the edged of things: fiction meeting essay, essay meeting poetry, poetry meeting visual art.” ONLINE

The Bohemyth: “We want stories that seduce and savage souls.”ONLINE

The Bolton Review – “a student-led creative writing magazine from the University of Bolton.”

Bookanista: “author interviews, essays, new fiction, extracts, book news, diary pieces and blogs about the published word.”ONLINE

Boundless: “Bristol-based magazine that contains a range of exciting articles, creative writing, artistic pieces and investigative journalism” PRINT&  ONLINE

Brain of Forgetting: “an online forum for writing and artwork that relates to memory, history and heritage” ONLINE CLOSED

Brautigan Free Press: “an online and physical publication promoting new writing started by friends who met through a mutual love of the work of Richard Brautigan” PRINT & ONLINE CLOSED

Breadless Crust: -“A quarterly e-journal of innovative British and  Irish writing and art” ONLINE

Breve New Stories: “a literary magazine publishing a short story and a flash fiction piece in every issue”. ONLINE

Brilliant Flash Fiction: “We seek out voices that are fresh and surprising, welcoming submissions of 1,000 words or less on a year-round basis” ONLINE

Brittle Star  – “a ‘little’ magazine which, for its size, contains a surprising variety of new work: poems, stories, interviews.” PRINT

Bunbury magazine: ” an arts and literature magazine, covering everything from writing in all forms and genres, to fine art, from music to stand up comedy and everything in between” ONLINE


The Cabinet of Heed

The Cadaverine – ” publishes the best new poetry and prose by emerging authors under the age of 25. From urban gothic to high modernism, cyberpunk to scathing satire, science fiction to fictitious cookery,” PRINT & ONLINE

Cafe Aphra: “a blog which showcases work by new writers and offers a supportive online writing community. “ONLINE

Cake –  “literary magazine based at Lancaster University, calling all fresh-baked submissions of poetry, flash fiction and more!” PRINT

Calligram magazine

Cambridge Literary Review – ” welcomes submissions of previously unpublished poetry, short fiction, literary criticism and political commentary.” PRINT

The Cardiff Review: “a digital and print literary magazine that publishes contemporary graduate writing.” PRINT & ONLINE

Carillon -“poetry and prose from contributors across the world, plus book reviews and a readers’ competition.” PRINT PAYING

The Casket of Fictional Delights: “publishes short stories and flash fiction online and holds an annual flash fiction competition” ONLINE AUDIO

Chapman – “publishes the best in Scottish writing” PRINT PAYING

The Cardiff Review – “A magazine of new graduate writing. Supported by Cardiff University.”

Chroma: “taken from the Greek word for colour… a magazine concerned with Photography, Art, Ideas, Poetry and Creative Writing” PRINT

The Clearing: “magazine for bold new landscape and place writing.” ONLINE

Clover & White: “an online literary magazine that publishes all writers but with a real focus on showcasing the talents of underrepresented and emerging authors” ONLINE

Cohorte: “Cohorte is a collective, a constantly growing group of contributors independently publishing words, pictures, music & more.” ONLINE CLOSED

Cold Coffee Stand – “A space to make it new, wrong, broken, and brilliant. To provide a home for every creator finding their voice.”

Colony: “we are interested in work that looks beyond the mode that has dominated Irish writing for a century” PRINT & ONLINE

Confingo: “a new magazine for readers and writers of contemporary fiction and poetry, coming” PRINT PAYING

Confluence: “a new writing magazine from Wordsmithery”. PRINT

Control Literary Magazine: “a free online magazine dedicated to giving you the best literature and artwork from new writers and artists”  ONLINE CLOSED

CORDA magazine – “a new journal exploring communal experience of connections in the time of new borders.”

Crannog – poetry and prose PRINT

The Creative Truth – “A creative non-fiction journal publishing short stories, personal essays and memoirs.”

Crimewave –  “outstanding modern stories of crime, mystery and suspense, as well as borderline material which uses genre elements in a new way” PRINT

The Cro Magnon: ” a literary ezine for new writers huddled around a fire telling stories, exploring new meaning, and creating” ONLINE CLOSED

Crossing Wild Pages – “#Writing is wild, free to #travel anywhere or nowhere & an act of resistance to forces ranged against #Nature & the human spirit. #fiction #nonfiction #poetry”

Crossways magazine – “publishes both literary poetry and short fiction. We welcome submissions from new and established authors, anywhere in the world” ONLINE

The Curlew – “Creative nature writing quarterly filled with fine writing and illustration. Supports conservation projects worldwide.”

Cyphers –  “Ireland’s longest running literary magazine founded in 1975, publishes Irish poetry, in Irish and English, and poetry in translation, as well as some prose fiction and criticism and graphic art.” PRINT


Dark Mountain Project – “New stories for the age of endings. ‘When the cities lie at the monster’s feet, there are left the mountains.’”

Dark Tales – “horror and speculative fiction” PRINT

The Dawntreader: “specialises in myth, legend; in the landscape, nature; spirituality and love; the mystic, the environment.” PRINT

Dead Ink: “is a publisher of contemporary writing in various formats.” ONLINE

Dear Damsels – “Young female writing collective, accepting contributions. | Your Words. Your Stories. Your Collective.”

Deep Water Journal – “a haven for those who write about and produce artworks interpreting Darkness. Works which engage with the psychological and physical aspects of the darker side of the human condition”

DNA magazine: “is devoted to the craft of detailing personal memories. We’re looking for 300-500 word non-fiction stories about real lives – of people, objects or places” PRINT & ONLINE

Dodging the Rain – “”Gene Kelly danced in the rain; we dodge it.” A blogazine for new writers and artists.”

Doll Hospital – “an art and literature print journal on mental health”

Don’t Do It: “a new cultural magazine run out of London, taking in fiction, poetry, critical writing and reviews from across the globe” CLOSED

doppelgänger: “x 6 short stories, in print, twice a year. x 3 of those stories will be realist. x 3 will be magical realist.” PRINT

Dream Catcher – “mix of poetry, prose, artwork and reviews” PRINT


East of the Web – “provides exposure for writers by offering them a place where their work will be seen and read in a high quality, respected setting. The site receives about half a million unique page views per month” ONLINE

The Edge – “publishes short stories of more than 2000 words (not whole novels or sequels to work published elsewhere). Experimental work is welcome.” PRINT

Edinburgh Review – “publishes essays, short fiction, poetry and reviews aimed at an educated reading public with an interest in critical thought” PRINT


Ellipsis Zine – “an online publication for beautifully written fiction & creative nonfiction. 1,000 words or fewer, any genre.” PRINT & ONLINE

Elsewhere Journal – “Print journal of place exploring city neighbourhoods & island communities, heartlands & borderlands, the world we see & landscapes of the imagination.”

Epicentre – “mainly poetry, along with reviews, interviews, feature articles and occasional literary prose.” ONLINE CLOSED

EPIZOOTICS! Zine – “Literary Journal for Contemporary Animals.(poetry/prose /essays/reviews)”

ESC[zine]: “Microfiction, poetry, mixed media visuals, audio recordings, painting, drawing, illustration, photography, footnotes, asides, punctuation, typographically-based design.” PRINT & ONLINE


Far Off Places: “stories and poems to twine into a rope thrown from a lifeboat or to build into a yellow brick road, traditional and experimental.” ONLINE CLOSED

Fat Cat Magazine: “passionate about giving a home to the words of writers, especially those at the beginning of their careers”

The Fiction Desk: “publishes a quarterly anthology of new short fiction” PRINT

The Fiction Pool: ” Dip your toe into the pool with a poem or flash, or swim a length with a short story. We are looking for fiction which is bold and daring. Fiction which is experimental, rebellious and dreamy.” ONLINE

Fictive Dream: “new online magazine dedicated to the short story…stories with a contemporary feel that give an insight into the human condition”. ONLINE

Field Press – “Fledgling publisher of hard-boiled short fiction.”

Firefly magazine – “A Journal of Luminous Writing”

Firewords Quarterly: “a new, independent magazine packed full of powerful fiction and poetry from the best emerging writers – all enhanced by bold design” PRINT

Five Stop Story: “electronic publisher, specialising in short stories by new writers.” ELECTRONIC/APP CLOSED

Flash – “biannual, publishing quality short stories and occasional articles and reviews of up to 360 words. PRINT

flash & cinder – “a new flash fiction and poetry magazine, publishing twice a year. Each issue is based around a single word.” ONLINE

Flashback Fiction – “an online journal that publishes historical flash fiction, prose poetry, and hybrid work, with a special interest in stories that help fill in some of the gaps in our history books and/or challenge assumptions about the past” ONLINE

Fleeting: “short-form fiction, nonfiction and poetry by new and established writers. We like daring, lucid, erudite, amusing and infectious writing.” ONLINE

Flight Journal: “a brand new online journal of bold short fiction” ONLINE PAYING

The Forge Literary Magazine – “publishes one short story each Monday”

The Fortnightly Review: “reviews, essays and reportage, fiction, and even poetry,”  ONLINE

Foxglove Journal: “a new and exciting haven for poetry and short fiction. We showcase work that thrills, comforts and stimulates.” ONLINE

The Fractured Nuance: “prioritising the printed word & image, savouring texts that are unique, eccentric and experimental.” PRINT

Frogmore Papers – “prose may be experimental or traditional, but is unlikely to be accepted if it’s either very experimental or very traditional.” PRINT

Fudoki magazine – “online, flash fiction magazine of myths, legends, fables, fantasy, folklore and fairytales” EZINE

Funhouse magazine – “a new magazine of writing, illustrations and comics based in East London”

Fur-lined Ghettos: “A bi-annual poetry/prose print magazine of approximately 60 pages publishing the surreal/irreal/gritty/realist end of the literary spectrum” PRINT

Fuselit – “is looking for work that you wrought or forged using the next issue’s title (a spur word) as your inspiration point.” PRINT & ONLINE


gal-dem – “Award-winning magazine written by women of colour for all to explore”

The Ghastling – “Literary magazine devoted to ghost stories, the macabre & oh-so-strange.” ONLINE

Gloom Cupboard: ” online litzine that seeks work of high artistic merit and purpose–poetry that stirs the senses, fiction that engages the finer faculties, and non-fiction that provokes discussion and debate”. ONLINE

Glove magazine

Gold Dust – “exciting and original prose and poetry” PRINT CLOSED

Gorse – “Art in words”

Granta  – “committed to discovering and publishing the finest new fiction and non-fiction from around the world” PRINT PAYING

The Grapevine – “Online art and literary zine, seeking submissions from unheard voices.”

The Grind: “a platform for creative people in and from Scotland. New podcasts, book and audiobook coming soon.”

The Gull – “Online arts magazine out of Swansea”

Gutter magazine – “fiction and poetry from writers born or living in Scotland.” PRINT


Halo Literary Magazine – “home to illuminating writing by women”

The Ham: “a new free physical publication showcasing quality short fiction, poetry, photography & illustration.” PRINT

Hand Job Zine- “An all British literary zine that gets to the underbelly of society like no other publication”

Haverthorn magazine – “a magazine of poetry and short fiction”

HeadStuff: “a collaborative website interested in a wide range of topics including; literature, history, science, art/photography, humour, music, film and anything topical” ONLINE

Here Comes Everyone: “a community-led magazine that brings together creative people from our network to produce a magazine of poetry, fiction, articles and artwork based around topical current issues” PRINT

Hi Vis Press – “The reflections from the darkness. Authentic voices in the form of poetry, prose & photography.”

The High Flight – “Monthly Poetry & Short-Fiction Fanzine.”


HOAX: “artist-led project with the aim of creating a space on paper to show all forms of creative, text-based works alongside each other” PRINT

Holdfast Magazine: “quarterly speculative fiction magazine”  ONLINE

The Honest Ulsterman: “A Magazine of Revolution’. Est. 1968. Returning late 2013 in print and online.” PRINT & ONLINE

Hotel – “A hotel is defined by its inhabitants… Hotel seeks to accommodate fiction, poetry and contemporary thought on form, medium and authorial choice”  PRINT

Hourglass Literary Magazine – “an annual and bilingual magazine which is being published in print and digital form in BCMS languages and English.”

Hot Tub Astronaut – “An online publisher of words, images, sounds” ONLINE

Hypnopomp: “An online literary magazine // Focusing on emerging & experimental fiction and poetry” ONLINE


Icarus – “Creative Writing from Trinity since 1950.”

Idle Ink: “an independent zine published in Hull, which features the weird and wonderful inner workings of emerging creatives.” PRINT

The Incubator: “showcasing the best contemporary work by writers living in Northern Ireland and Ireland”

Ink Pantry – “Literary site packed with interviews, reviews, poetry and stories. Supporting creative writers from The Open University.”

Ink, Sweat and Tears – “explores the borderline between poetry and prose in the digital age” ONLINE

Inkapture – “quarterly creative writing of diversity and originality.” ONLINE CLOSED

Inkspill magazine – “short stories and poetry, articles, debate, art, readers’ letters etc.” PRINT & ONLINE

Inktrap – “We want weird and wonderful, mysterious and macabre, evocative and unsettling” PRINT, ONLINE & AUDIO

INLAND – “a portable exhibition and zine. Providing a platform for contemporary artists and writers.”

In Shades Magazine – “a weekly illustrated short fiction online magazine”

The Interpreter’s House – poetry and short stories   PRINT

Inside The Bell Jar – “a literary journal specialising in poetry & fiction of all genres that encapsulates how it feels to live with a mental illness.”

Interzone – “new science fiction and fantasy short stories” PRINT PAYING

Into The Void – “a non-profit print and digital literary magazine dedicated to providing a platform for fantastic fiction, non-fiction and poetry” PRINT & ONLINE PAYING

Irish Literary Review: “Celebrating new poetry and short fiction from Ireland and around the world” ONLINE

Irish Pages: “A journal of contemporary writing” PRINT

Irisi: “new online platform, which co-founding sisters, Mairead and Caitlin Gillespie, aim to fill with diverse contemporary literature and visual art from around the world” ONLINE

The Island Review: “an online magazine dedicated to great writing and visual art that comes from, is inspired by, celebrates or seeks to understand the extraordinary appeal of islands”  ONLINE


Jotters United – “What we hope to do with this E-zine is to publish some cool writing from anyone. If we like it, it gets in!”  ONLINE



LabLit –  “dedicated to real laboratory culture and to the portrayal and perceptions of that culture – science, scientists and labs – in fiction,”  ONLINE

The Lampeter Review: “the online magazine of the Lampeter Creative Writing Centre (part of the University of Wales, Trinity St David.)” ONLINE

The Launchpad – “Literary journal showcasing new Northern Irish / Irish writing for children.”

The Letters Page: “a literary journal which takes correspondence as its theme and the written letter as its primary form.” PRINT & ONLINE

The Liberal -“new poetry and short fiction” PRINT

Lighthouse: “published three times per year to give space and support to new talent.” PRINT

The Liner: “a transatlantic magazine featuring stories, poetry, visual art, and our very own Thornkim Questionnaire” PRINT

Linnet’s Wings – “well-crafted fiction with full plots and strong characters ” ONLINE

The Literateur – “interviews with luminaries of the literary world, articles, reviews and exciting new creative works.” ONLINE

Litro – “new, original short fiction that excites us…. distributed widely near London Underground stations, in libraries, galleries, bars, cafes and other venues in the Capital and beyond” PRINT, AUDIO & ONLINE

Literally Stories – “is all about short stories. Literally. It was created by writers for writers and exists to showcase the best and brightest fiction on the web”

The London Journal of Fiction: “a new platform for writers of fiction, poetry and literary essays.” PRINT & ONLINE

The London magazine -“article and feature ideas, as well as poetry and short fiction submissions.” PRINT

The Lonely Crowd:  “Welsh-based print literary anthology published three times a year, featuring new fiction, poetry and photography” PRINT

Long Exposure magazine – “Long Exposure is an online magazine interested in all matters textual and visual, currently accepting submissions of new writing, photography and art.”

Long Story, Short: “favouring tales that take their time. Longer than flash; fewer strings attached than a novel.” ONLINE

LUCIFER – “Poetry, Prose, Photos. The New Literary Magazine from Nottingham, City Of Literature.”


The Manchester Review –  “new issues appearing each spring and autumn including broadcasts of new music, public debates and video pieces, as well as visual art, fiction and poetry.” ONLINE

Matter magazine –  “best new writing by past and present students of the university’s MA Writing programme alongside work by guest writers.” PRINT

The Metric: “We aim to promote literary interestingness on the web at a grassroots level, a magazine which allows for the critical freedom of anonymity, whilst maintaining the satisfaction of individual authorship. We endorse no one identity.” ONLINE

milk + beans mag – “Spill it; you know you want to. A new lit journal dedicated to getting things off your chest.”

Miso Magazine: “MISO is always looking to support and motivate emerging talent, from those studying on a Creative Writing BA, PGCert, PGDip, MA, MPhil or PhD. ” PRINT

More Said Than Done: “Edinburgh-based online and print zine publishing short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and art that will knock your little woolly socks off.”  PRINT & ONLINE CLOSED

The Moth: “The quarterly arts literature magazine features poetry, short fiction and pictures by established and up-and-coming writers and artists from Ireland and abroad.” PRINT

Moveable Type – “a peer-reviewed postgraduate journal at UCL publishing a smorgasbord of academic articles, poetry and prose fiction”

Moving Worlds – “a forum for creative work as well as criticism, open to experimentation, and represents work of different kinds and from different cultural traditions” PRINT

Mslexia – poetry, flash fiction, short stories.  PRINT PAYING

Myths Of The Near Future – ” new writing from the under 25s – poems, stories, reviews and features on a theme”  ONLINE


The Nebula Chronicle – “an annual assemblage of speculative fiction.”

Neon – “imaginative, stylised poetry and prose not generally found in British magazines, the new, the experimental and the strange.” ONLINE PAYING



New Walk magazine –  “looking for a small amount of short fiction and artwork.” PRINT

New Welsh Review –  “best new writing from Wales” PRINT PAYING

New Writing Scotland – “publishes works by writers resident in Scotland or Scots by birth, upbringing or inclination” PRINT PAYING

The New Writer – “Short stories from subscribers and prizewinners only. ” PRINT PAYING

Nib: “showcases short literary fiction and poetry.” ONLINE CLOSED

Northampton Poetry Review – “An online literary journal of poetry and writing from Northamptonshire, UK”. ONLINE

The Nottingham Review: “a new British digital literary journal, looking to publish great flash fiction and short stories. We particularly love dirty realism/literary minimalism” ONLINE

NOUS magazine – “A Manchester-based publication dedicated to conversations about mental illness.” PRINT & ONLINE PAYING

Nth Position: “politics and; opinion, travel writing, fiction & poetry, reviews & interviews” ONLINE CLOSED

Number Eleven: “quarterly. online literary journal that publishes short stories, flash fiction, graphic novel artwork and illustrations.” ONLINE

Nutshell Magazine: “small, sturdy, and the perfect space for poetry, short stories, interviews, illustration, art, and photography to meet and work together.” PRINT & ONLINE


Oblong: “flash fiction (< 1000 words).” PRINT & ONLINE CLOSED

Octavius magazine: “a literary magazine for students in Scotland” PRINT CLOSED

The Ogham Stone – “The University of Limerick’s Literary & Arts Journal – Featuring the Finest Short Stories, Flash Fiction, Prose, Poetry & Art”

The Ogilvie – “Edinburgh’s Creative Review! We provide a platform for profound prose and powerful poetry–and we’re creating a community as we go!”

Open Pen: “London’s first ‘Open Literature’ magazine, comprised entirely by reader-submitted creative writing. Each issue’s content is decided by competition.” PRINT

Other People’s Flowers: “a weekly podcast to give voice to stories, essays and poems. Our aim is to bring the joy of literary magazines to the world of podcasts.” AUDIO

Oubliette: “a small art book, which prints writing, photography and art, themed around a concept linked with the forgotten places of the world.” PRINT

Oval Short Fiction: ” publishing the best new short fiction available in English.” PRINT CLOSED


Palm-Sized Press: “a small independent press based in the North East of England, which accepts writing from all over the world” PRINT & ONLINE

Panorama – “Journal of Intelligent Travel is a British literary journal with a diverse, modern take on travel”

Paper and Ink: “Punk rock literature for all the page turners out there still reading dog eared, beaten up paperbacks” PRINT

Paraxis: “short stories – partial to the unnerving, uncanny and fantastic. Tired of arguments about literary versus genre and genre versus literary.” ONLINE CLOSED

Party In Your Eye Socket: “is an independently produced anthology of quirky prose and poetry. ” PRINT & ONLINE

Passing Out Victorious – “Home to the best writing, art, photography and design by amazing new artists from around the globe.”

Patchwork Paper: “an online arts magazine based in London publishing poetry, short prose, photography, illustration, and topical articles by established and up-and-coming artists and writers from all over the world.” ONLINE  CLOSED

Peeking Cat Poetry – “Poetry and flash fiction magazine. We love honest writing and little observations.”

The Penniless Press –  ” The eclectic North-West based magazine of poetry, prose, reviews and comment.” ONLINE

The Penny Dreadful: “Cork based, accepts all known forms of creative writing, and several that are sadly as of yet unknown to all but our editorial staff.” PRINT & ONLINE

Penny Shorts – “Supplier of quality short stories”

Penny Zine – “The collaborative zine of illustrated prose”

Pixel Heart – “created to allow for writers and poets to showcase writing that they’ve created with heart, online.” ONLINE

Planet magazine – “bi-monthly magazine covering the arts, culture and politics in Wales and beyond.” PRINT PAYING

Platform For Prose: “online showcase featuring a range of contemporary short stories (and poetry) available to its members” ONLINE

Platypus Press – “Publisher of poetry, fiction and nonfiction”

The Poetry Bus Magazine ” magazine of poetry, illustration, articles, reviews flash fiction and (very) short stories” PRINT

The Poor Press: “original poetry and short creative prose unrestrained by form or genre. ” PRINT & ONLINE CLOSED

Popshot: “illustrated literary magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from the literary new blood.” PRINT

Prole – “promotes accessible literature of high quality. Anything that we publish will be intelligent, engaging and impact the reader in a variety of ways.” PRINT

Public House – “A humorous uncensored publication made in East London for the unconventional artist & writer.”

The Puffin Review: “wants to help writers take those first steps to begin making their name. We have no limit on subject matter.” ONLINE

Pushing Out The Boat – “North-East Scotland’s magazine of quality writing, poetry & the visual arts.”

The Pygmy Giant – “flash fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and pretty much anything else under 800 words. ” ONLINE


The Queen’s Head: “a handpicked & illustrated menagerie of weird and eclectic short fiction, poetry, investigations & musings.” ONLINE

Quotidian Magazine – “Lit mag featuring writers across Scotland. theme: the everyday. Prose , poetry & art”


Razur cuts – “Street Literature Mag …short stories/poems/band interviews/album reviews/artwork/ photography. Sorry, we don’t do shaves.”

The Reader – “Poetry and short fiction accounts for 20-25% of each issue of The Reader.” PRINT

The Red Line: “short stories from International writers.” ONLINE CLOSED

rhaw Magazine: “exhibits and promotes the work of local artists, writers and organisations” ONLINE

Riggwelter Press

Riptide – “bi-annual anthology of new short fiction by both established and emerging writers. ” PRINT PAYING

Roadside Fiction: “a new realist fiction magazine with a passion for the sharp, outrageous, yet realistic story” ONLINE CLOSED

Rockland – “Monthly freesheet pumping words through London’s ventricles. Publishing fiction, nonfiction, illustrations and alternative forms”

The Rose magazine – “An Irish magazine showcasing new fiction, poetry and art.”


Salomé – “a literary magazine for emerging female writers”

The Scores – “a bi-annual journal of poetry and prose based at the University of St Andrews”

Scrittura: “an online literary magazine, launched in 2015 by three Creative Writing graduates who want to provide a platform to showcase new and exciting writing from across the world.” ONLINE

Sein Und Werden – “Every issue is themed, though non-themed work will be accepted” ONLINE

Sentinel Literary Quarterly: “Poetry, Fiction, Drama, Essays, Interviews and Reviews. Quarterly writing competitions.”PRINT & ONLINE

Severine – “Art, poetry, fiction, cnf; online & in print.” PRINT

Shabby Doll House – “online publisher of art & literature”

The Shadow Booth – “a new journal of weird and eerie fiction” PRINT & ONLINE PAYING

Shift Zine – “A quarterly online magazine about all things YA”

Shooter Literary Magazine: ” supporting emerging writers of literary fiction, creative non-fiction, narrative journalism and poetry” PRINT PAYING

Shoreline of Infinity: “A new Science Fiction magazine from Scotland – reality with a twist of lemon” PRINT & ONLINE

The Short Anthology: “Each issue will take the work of one photographer and give it to writers to use as inspiration for a short story” PRINT

SHORT Fiction annual short story magazine PRINT

Short Story Sunday: “a new online short story and flash fiction publication” ONLINE

The Silver Lynx Sporadical: “A new literary journal based in Aberdeen – our interest lies only in what can hold it” PRINT

The Simple Things: “publishes a short story per issue.” PRINT PAYING

The Siren: “an online literary journal dedicated to the promotion of original and quality literature” ONLINE

Smoke: A London Peculiar – “a 52-page magazine of words and images inspired by the city” PRINT

Sonder magazine – “journal of arts, humanities and cultural criticism, contemporary poetry, short fiction and drama |”

The South Circular: “a quarterly e-journal of short stories which can be read on PCs, tablets and smart-phones” ONLINE APP  CLOSED

Southword Journal – “featuring poems, fiction and reviews and published biannually” ONLINE  PAYING

Spelk: “a new platform for the very best flash fiction on the web” ONLINE

Spontaneity Journal – “an arts journal where one idea leads to another.” ONLINE

Stand magazine –  “quarterly literary magazine established in 1952. ” PRINT PAYING

Step Away magazine – “An established online literary quarterly publishing the best urban poetry and fiction by writers from across the globe.”

The Still Point: “a new literary journal for Arts and Humanities researchers” PRINT & ONLINE

Stinging Fly – “welcomes submissions from Irish and international writers, poetry and short stories.” PRINT PAYING

The Stockholm Review of Literature – “publishes poetry, short fiction and creative non-fiction. Bi-lingual: English/svenska.”

Storgy: “a collaborative enterprise created to share the beauty of the short story.”  ONLINE

Stories With Pictures: – “We believe that stories with pictures aren’t just for kids.” ONLINE

Storyboard: “We believe that people are natural born storytellers – short stories, flash fiction and poetry on monthly theme” ONLINE CLOSED

Streetcake magazine – ” the magazine for innovative, visual and experimental writing”  ONLINE

Stripped Lit 500 – “Flash fiction, stripped. Submit your short story up to 500 words”

Structo -“a fiction and poetry magazine, containing original work as well as features on, interviews with, and essays by some of the most interesting writers from all sorts of fields.” PRINT & ONLINE

Synaesthesia Magazine: “Online literary magazine dedicated to publishing prose, poetry and art, and embracing words for all their beauty, timbre & colour.” ONLINE


Tak-tak – “Independent Publishing Platform With Many Faces / Home of the Takists / Looking for great and exciting writers / Accepting Submissions / London”

Tales From The Forest: “an online literary and art magazine…we release a new issue every 3 months. Each issue is based on a theme or phrase” ONLINE

Tales magazine – Quarterly creative magazine, always looking for a little magic.

The Tangerine – “A magazine of new writing. Features | Short Stories | Poems | Artwork.”

Tapes and Tales Podcast: “a podcast creating stories for headphones. Writers collaborate with sound designers to create an immersive experience exploring the depths of audio storytelling.” AUDIO

Taylz: “a free website for short story writers to test and develop their work” ONLINE

Tears in the Fence  – “open to a wide variety of critically aware voices and perspectives.” PRINT

Teller: “a magazine of stories. Stories told in pictures, in words, in both; short sharp stories, ‘so I once heard this story’ stories, stories of pure invention and stories that might just be true.”  PRINT & ONLINE CLOSED

Tender – “a quarterly journal made by women, tender publishes poetry, visual art, fiction & interviews 3-4 times per year”

Test Centre: “engineers and facilitates the transmission of the written and spoken word.”  PRINT AUDIO

Theurgy Magazine: “speculative fiction, fantasy, and science fiction.” PRINT & ONLINE CLOSED

Three Drops From A Cauldron: ” monthly web journal publishing poetry and flash fiction (and anything slightly in between) involving myths, legends, folklore, fables or fairytales.”  ONLINE

Timezone magazine: “a magazine created in London dedicated to short stories” PRINT

TOKEN Magazine: “an arts and literature zine that gives a voice to those who are rarely  given one. The name comes from the experience many people of colour face in everyday life: tokenism. TOKEN magazine is an outlet to work against that – diversity of voice is essential to the magazine, not an afterthought.” PRINT

Trafika Europe: “brings you some of the best new literature from Europe,. . . and featuring (from late 2015) Europe’s first online “literary” radio station!” ONLINE & AUDIO

Transect magazine: “showcases short stories and poetry written by multiculturals from all over the world”. ONLINE


Under the Radar: “Nine Arches Press’ flagship literary magazine, now to be able to include more short stories, reviews and articles in each issue.”  PRINT

Unsung Stories: “A London-based publisher of unforgettable science fiction, fantasy and horror.” ONLINE & LIVE EVENTS

Unthology: “showcases the work of new or established writers and can include short stories of any length, reportage, essays or novel extracts from anywhere in the world.” PRINT

Universe Magazine: “biannual arts and writing science fiction publication. Our content revolves around a changing ‘theme.” PRINT

Use Your Words: “open to submissions of all kinds; poetry, short stories, personal essays and anything in between. …basically anything with a heart.” ONLINE


Valve journal – “an experimental literary journal dedicated to high quality new writing… a platform for poetry and fiction that doesn’t fit the mould” PRINT CLOSED

The View from Here – “author interviews, book reviews, original fiction & poetry and articles. We classify ourselves as “Bohemian Eclectic” PRINT & ONLINE

Visual Verse: “An online anthology of art and writing” ONLINE

Voices: “The print magazine of the Second Generation network” PRINT


Wales Arts Review – “the critical writing hub for Wales” ONLINE

The Warwick Review – fiction & poetry PRINT PAYING

Wasifiri– “primarily concerned with new and postcolonial writers, it continues to stress the diversity and range of black and diasporic writers world-wide.” PRINT

Weekly Writing 500 – “500 words. A new theme every week. Submit your story to and a favourite will be tweeted every Sunday.”

What the Dickens? Magazine: “…flash fiction, poetry, short stories, non-fiction articles, photography, fun and games, jokes, artwork and anything else of a literary nature on a particular theme…” ONLINE

The White Review: “quarterly arts, culture and politics magazine. “PRINT  & ONLINE

WIFIE – “Women* in Arts, Culture & New Writing”

Wildness: “an online literary and arts journal that seeks to promote contemporary fiction, poetry and non-fiction that evokes the unknown” ONLINE

Winamop: “based in England but our content is international and eclectic” ONLINE

Winters Papers: “Fine cut of a book. An annual arts anthology published by Curlew Editions.”

Word Bohemia:” poetry, prose and screen, aimed at new and established writers, writing with no pre-conceived formula, rules or conventions.” ONLINE CLOSED

Wordlegs: “offers literature to younger Irish readers by young and emerging writers.” ONLINE CLOSED

Word-o-mat – “Indie publisher of new, short writing (plus a zine vending machine)”

Words for the Wild

Words with JAM: “writers and readers who like words that stick.” PRINT ONLINE

Words for the Wild: “a writing platform for anyone who loves the wild spaces in our world” ONLINE & PRINT

Writers’ Hub –  “accepts submissions of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. ” ONLINE

The Wrong Quarterly – “Showcasing emerging talent in cross-genre fiction. London + beyond.”



The Yellow Room – “literary short-story magazine for women by women” PRINT PAYING CLOSED

York Literary Review – “A York-based journal of new literature and criticism, published twice yearly.”


Zero Flash – “a tribute to Flash Fiction” ONLINE

The ZO Mag – “a magazine for creative writing, art and music. We’re creating a platform for artists in Glasgow and beyond.”

Zoomorphic Magazine – “A digital magazine and micro-publisher inspiring connection to wildlife.”