Hello from The Short Story (TSS)!

Hello to all you wonderful short story readers and writers!

We wanted to take a moment to introduce our organisation The Short Story, which is dedicated to all things short fiction.

The short story world is a relatively difficult one to work in. Money is tight and there is a constant question over time commitments and continuation. Nevertheless, the form is a fighter. There are many websites like ShortStops that do a superb job of championing the form and we’re happy to be part of this tradition. Thank you to the readers and writers who help keep it alive.

We think short stories are important not just because they provide endless entertainment and pleasure, but also because they’re an integral part of literary history and its continuing development. It’s one of the fundamentally experimental forms in which writers can push the limits of their craft, and in so doing cultivate new and interesting creative skills and styles.

At The Short Story, we’re immensely keen to nurture talents and offer both incentive and a platform for new and established writers alike. In order to achieve this, we endeavour to provide multiple features that are concerned with the writing, reading, and discussion of short stories.

We host two competitions:

Bi-monthly short competition with a maximum word limit of 2000 and a £450 prize.

Monthly flash fiction competition with a maximum word limit of 500 and a £50.

More recently, we launched the TSS Young Writers Awards – the recipients (one each month of 2016) will be commissioned to write a short story, receive free critiques, publicity, and publication. Do have a look and apply if you’re interested.

In addition to these, TSS provides reviews, interviews, a free archive of short stories, quotations, resources, links, articles, critiques, and more.

We do hope you’ll be able to visit our site and please drop us an email if you have any questions on how we might improve the experience.

Long live short stories!
The TSS Team

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