Happy 2nd Birthday, ShortStops! How’s The Short Story Doing?

2nd_birthday_cakeYes, it’s hard to believe but ShortStops is two years’ old today! It was November 2013 when I finally got my act together, inspired by all the wonderful short story activity in the UK & Ireland, to set up the site – as a hub, as listings, as a dynamic and ongoing celebration. I was going to wow you with some data – how many wonderful lit mags and live lit events there are now, etc.. etc.., but why freeze the picture today, and what are numbers anyway? Instead I invite you to wander around the site a little, peruse our lists, find something new to read, or a new place to send your own story, or an event to go to, check out everything that’s happening!

I do want to take this chance to thank all the tireless and dedicated editors of lit mags, organisers of live events, short story publishers, organisers of competitions, workshops – who so often do what they do for the love of the short story, of writing, of reading, not for the fortunes to be made! Thank you all for doing what you do, and thanks in particular to those of you who have been involved in ShortStops over the past 2 years, who have made the site even more dynamic, even more of a celebration. And, of course, to readers and to writers, without whom all of this wouldn’t exist.  Keep doing it! We need you!

So, how’s the short story doing? Well, from where I’m sitting, it’s all looking pretty fabulous, frankly. I’m off to have some cake now…

Tania xx

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