Nov Fortnightly Round-Up III

Hello ShortStops folk,
We just had our 2nd birthday! As the lists on the site – of live lit, lit mags and short story collection authors – grow longer, and the blog is increasingly active and exciting, there are lots of reasons for celebration! Check out the most recent ones below.
Tania x

Lit Mags

Long Story Short posted “A Sense of Real Language”, Laura Perram’s interview with Shane Strachan. Holdfast tells us all about the new issue, call for submissions, and BFS award. Everyone wants your stories! Spelk is open to flash fiction submissions, and the Fractured Nuance wants your stories for Issue #3, the Handwritten issue. Brain of Forgetting is calling for submissions for its third issue, Island. Jotters United has a new issue out and is always open to submissions. Short Fiction issue 9 is now out and The Ghastling has launched its third issue.

Live Lit
White Rabbit presents the Heroes and Villains podcast.

The Less Than 100 Words short story competition runs weekly.   Shoreline of Infinity magazine is running a science fiction competition, deadline 21 Dec.

The Short Story (TSS) introduces themselves on the blog and unveils their new young writers awards. Read Paper Republic publishes A Very Topical Story. Elbow Room’s parent press, As Yet Untitled, has started a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Festivals & Workshops
Ethel Rohan is running a Brilliance of Brevity workshop at the Abroad Writers Conference in Dublin in December.

If you are eager for even more short-story-related news, do follow ShortStops on Twitter where, when we should be writing, we spend (far too) much time passing on news from lit mags, live lit events, short story workshops and festivals! If you’d like to review an event or a publication, drop me a line.

Happy reading, writing, listening and performing!

3 thoughts on “Nov Fortnightly Round-Up III

  1. Do you accept submissions form Australia? Cheers, Liz  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Einstein.

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