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Bunbury in the flesh  Aug 8

 Bunbury Issue 13 Is Here And Some MORE Exciting News! July 30

Bunbury Here With Crime, Space and World Cup of Authors! Jan 19

Bunbury Magazine is an arts and literature magazine, covering everything from writing in all forms and genres, to fine art, from music to stand up comedy and everything in between. Our ethos is ‘If you love it, we’ll love it’. We have had all kinds of submissions since we started and really enjoy seeing new faces come to us as well as welcoming back regular contributors time after time.

The magazine is now available for download on pay-what-you-want. Every penny we receive goes straight back in to the support network we are building for fantastic grass-roots writers and artists. We recommend £3 for an issue. If you pay £15, we will also send you a copy of The Bunbury Creative Anthology too. simply email us on bunburymagazine@gmail.com when you have paid and we will send it out to you. You can of course take it for free too. We love our readers no matter what:

Come and join us on all the social media type things that that kids love today:

Facebook: facebook.com/bunburymagazine

Facebook: facebook.com/bunburymagazine

Twitter: @BunburyPublish

Twitter: @BunburyPublish

Our Blog is at – #poemadayforayear

And our terms and conditions can be found on Terms and Conditions

If you or anyone you know would be interested in submitting or if you just want to find out more, get in touch on bunburymagazine@gmail.com

All submissions can be sent to our lovely people over at submissions@bunburymagazine.com

There is also a link below for a little readership survey which we are using to build information which could lead to some great developments in the future. Please spare a few minutes to give us your thoughts.

Readership Survey

The newspeak bit: As a multi-platform, multi-channel digital publication with a diverse multinational demographic, the magazine performs very well to the strengths of the individual contributor while building the concept as a whole. Current plans for the publication on an extended time frame involve podcasts and live stream Q&A sessions.

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