Bunbury Issue Nine: The Night Issue is here now!

Dear Bunburyists, Bunbury Magazine here. We have a lot to get through this time so let’s not dilly, lets not dally or we’ll be here ’til the sun slips behind the horizon and we are covered by that starry blanket we call the night sky.

Actually, given the theme of this issue is ‘night’ that would perfect. Yes, make yourself a cup of the finest drinking fudge, slip under something warm and cwtchy and fade away into the latest Bunbury Magazine: The Night Issue.

And you can find the usual package of loveliness right here:

Bunbury Issue Nine: Night

Bunbury Issue Nine: Night Free

This right here is a preview of Issue Nine. It has the poetry section, one of our staples of grass-roots creativity promotion. Below is where you can get the full Bunbury experience, with art, photography and all the features we tirelessly put together. It is on pay-what-you-want so you can still have it all for free but every penny we make will be going into expanding our support network for the writers and artists we endorse so why not see what you think it is all worth?

Bunbury Issue Nine: Night Full

Bunbury Issue Nine: Night

This issue we received a positive tidal wave of submissions from everywhere around the world. We may say this every issue but we are so proud to be at the helm of something that attracts such wonderful writing and art.

For this issue, we have also had the pleasure of interviewing some brilliant musicians for the main feature. All of them have been featured on the podcast ‘Welcome to Night Vale’, a show we absolutely love. The music is always something you would not expect in the most delightful way. We are genuinely excited to be able to bring these interviews to you.

As you know, we always have a big focus on grass-roots and local talent. This time round, we are thrilled to present an interview with Pascal Little, an artist who has a stall in Affleck’s Palace in Manchester. His work is very bracing, very original and we are sure you are going to love it.

All this and the usual mix of writing and art of the highest calibre. You are very lucky people indeed!

As always, dear Bunburyists, we exist not only through the wonderful talent we have in the magazine but by people spreading the word. If you love what we do and want to see and help us grow, why not send a cheeky tweet or Facebook post and show your friends what we are all about. Our social media links are just below.

Twitter: @BunburyPublish

Twitter: @BunburyPublish

Facebook: facebook.com/bunburymagazine

Facebook: facebook.com/bunburymagazine

As a last note, over the page there are details about a crowd-funding project we have started. We are trying to fund the start of a great support network for fresh talent in writing and art. We want to become one of the biggest advocates of grass-roots creativity and we need your help, dear Bunburyists. See more about our project here:

Bunbury Publishing LTD.

Bunbury Publishing LTD.


Remember, we are on pay-what-you-want. You can have all this wonderfulness for free if you like. We do this because we love it and we love you for reading.

Until next time;

Keep scribbling!

Christopher and Keri.

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