Bunbury Issue Five: Mythology Special

Many Greetings from all of us here at Bunbury Magazine; Hello you! How are you? It’s been what? Two months? You look great! So… Read anything good recently? We ask knowingly. Hold on to your hats because you’re about to read some more truly awesome stuff from some very talented people. Also, if you’re not wearing a hat, just print this ‘zine out, fold it into a hat then you can wear Bunbury whilst reading Bunbury.


The submissions we have had for this issue have been an absolute joy to curate and edit.  First of all, the front cover was designed by the very talented Valeria Savchits, who also has a portfolio of sea-scapes and figurative pieces in the magazine. Our other artistic contributor was Paula Fardell, with portraits of Euryale and Medusa. Our poetry and short-story offerings were abundant this issue. There are far too many to name here and we would not want to spoil any surprises lurking in the magazine but the piece we were sent for consideration were of the utmost quality!

For this issue, we also had the absolute pleasure to cover the Spoken Word Showcase events run by Stephen James. We have done our utmost to do justice to all the fantastic performers at these live poetry readings. The details of the next event can be found here.

We have the continuation of our serial dark story ‘Yum-Yum’ by Kurt Jarram, who has just started up a new band, Kindness of Strangers.

We also want to welcome three new people on board, don’t worry, you’ll get on with them fine they’re just like all the rest of us really. They are: Maria Owen-Midlane and her bit of wedded stuff, Scott Owen-Midlane. You may recognise their names from the very first issue when we covered the Consortium tour featuring Noterminus. So to them we should actually say ‘Welcome back’. These two lovely people will be our Bristol based correspondents. They have done so much for us already, it’s about time we welcomed them into the Bunbury family, although not in a Charles Manson kind of way, more of a peanut butter vodka smoothies in a bath in full Victorian get up. Yeah. That. Let’s make that happen. We have big plans. BIG PLANS. That’s how big they are, caps lock big. Exciting times will ensue.

The third person we want to welcome to our ranks is a man with a beard from Swansea. Since we took him in all his fury glory, he also has done excellent things for the issue after this one. He’s a really forward thinker. And furry. We mentioned that too, right? Yeah, coz he is. The only issue I have with him is that I can’t remember is he likes peanut butter or not. We will find out for next time for you. It’s only right that you know what you’re getting after all.

We should take the opportunity right now to thank the (relatively) quiet partner of our team, Matt Evans. He is the man who makes the pretty-pretty with the magazine. Without him, we really would not have a magazine.

With all that said, and without further ado, we proudly present to you Bunbury Magazine Issue Five: Mythology Special.

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Also, we are already looking forward to the next issue, which is memory-themed. If you have any short stories, poems, flash fiction or art, please feel free to get in touch with us on bunburymagazine@gmail.com. We will also be up in Edinburgh covering the festival so if you are up there with a show and would like some much-deserved coverage, we will endeavour to give you what you need.

Take care all and enjoy!

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