Bunbury Issue Eleven is Here! Crime and Edinburgh Fringe Special.

Hello to you, Dear Bunburyists!

It is really hard to believe that months have gone by since we last spoke, Dear Bunburyists, but Bunbury Magazine is back!. Two months since we last brought you some of the best writing and art from around the world. It’s almost criminal how quickly time passes! And this new issue is criminally good. 

Get your hands on the new issue right now on Pay-What-You-Like to see some of the best writing and art from around the world including our Edinburgh Fringe Special which features, amongst many others: Phill Jupitus, Aidan Killian, Dan Nichols, Gurpal Gil, Christian Steel, Joz Norris, Cormac Friel, Wil Hodgson, Daphna Baram, Clare Ferguson-Walker.

Follow this link right now, you lovely people!

Issue 11

Bunbury Issue Eleven

Well, the theme is crime after all! So what has changed in the past two months?

Well, we have experienced new levels of tired. August this year saw us make our now regular trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to do coverage of some of the most wonderful shows that make the Festival what it is. We started our preparations about one month before, hand-making interviews for the wonderful performers. After hauling ourselves, our necessities and 100 interviews over the border, we hit the Festival hard. In fact, we saw our first show before we had even checked in to our hotel!

Now, we know just how much work goes in to making each show and how hard and passionately everyone taking part in the Fringe works – and that goes on for them for an entire month. We say that because when we say we were up there for five days and felt like we had been trapped in a hurricane by the time we left. A hurricane filled with some of the most inspiring, entertaining and downright hilarious shows we have ever seen. Let us tell you now that it took us quite a while to recover afterwards!

The main feature this issue comprises of interviews with some of these comedians, poets, artists and pretty much every type of creative you can think of. It is genuinely our pleasure to be able to bring these people to you.

And that isn’t even everything we have this issue! As usual, the writing we have is simply outstanding. Everything from the poetry to prose and in between has been lovingly written, diligently sent in and carefully selected to bring you words of the highest quality.

As always, we love bringing this magazine to you all but we only exist through the love of our readers. If you like what we do, please share us with your friends, loved ones and anyone you think would like to read some mighty fine writing and experience the best in creativity from all four corners. You can find our Twitter, Facebook and other garb right here.facebooktwitter

We are also taking submissions for issue twelve of Bunbury. The theme is Self. You can submit your stuff to us on submissions@bunburymagazine.com

Anyway, that’s quite enough of all that. Let us steal your time now and sentence you to another brilliant issue of Bunbury.

As always, keep scribbling!

Much love,

Christopher and Keri.

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