Call for submissions!

BlueHouse is now accepting submissions for our first issue! We are looking for cross-genre, experimental, contemporary work that fizzes in the mind and lingers long after it’s read.

Submission deadline: 1 August 2019

Visit our website or follow us on Twitter to find out more!




6 thoughts on “Call for submissions!

  1. Greetings I received your email regarding submissions. Could you please provide me with a postal address so I could send you my poetry for inclusion in shortstops. Could you also tell me how many poems I should send.

    Regards Richard Golah-Ebue

    • Dear Richard,

      thank you for your interested in BlueHouse Journal! We are currently an online journal, only accepting submissions through email, and only publishing online. But we would love for you to submit!
      We accept 3-5 poems at a time, of up to 150 lines total. There are further details of our submission guidelines on our website
      Hopefully this has been helpful, but if you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know! You can email us at

      BlueHouse Journal

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