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Invite to Book launch – Fugue Vol II Jul 23

The Siren is an online literary journal, dedicated to the promotion of original and quality literature. The content provided on The Siren has been selected for its unique and imaginative qualities, as well as for the natural writing ability of its authors.

It is hoped that emerging writers will here be provided with the opportunity of sharing and receiving feedback on their work, and that, in turn, readers of The Siren will be supplied with a profusion of stimulating literary pieces. We  hope to soon be available in a print edition.

The Siren welcomes your submissions of short stories, poems, literature articles or book reviews, and encourages your comments and discussions. Please refer to the submit page for details on how to submit your short story, poem, article or review for consideration by The Siren. Work is published online on a fortnightly basis.

Find us on Twitter to see what we’re up to!

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