Get published in The Siren’s first anthology!

Why, hello there.

I guess you must have heard that The Siren is publishing our first anthology this summer. Exciting, isn’t it? There really isn’t enough quality short-fiction in the market place. And the stuff there is doesn’t seem to be of great quality. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to solve this by featuring you, our talented writers, in a quirky, original short-story anthology. One that’s sure to be a hit.

What we need from you is your writing experience, your skill and your time. We want to see strange stories, dark stories, humourous and downright surreal stories. But most importantly, we want to see that writing, as a craft of infinite complexities, is still thriving. Steer away from clichéd terms, from common-place themes and bland, unsophisticated plot-lines. What we all need to read is something that is that little bit different. Think Murukami!

Now onto the details. We recommend that your entry is of a minimum of 1000 words, and no more than 2500. Although we are a little flexible with this! The deadline for entry has been extended to finish on MARCH 15th. Submit your draft, if you have one, as early as you like, and we can get back to you with regards to the possibility of it fitting in with our aims and style. There is always the opportunity to rework successful submissions until the closing date.

Submit by following this link: 

Please get in contact if you have any queries. Good Luck!

– The Editor

4 thoughts on “Get published in The Siren’s first anthology!

  1. The submission link doesn’t appear to be working (if it’s my technology rather than yours, my apologies)! Will there be a free copy for those whose stories are accepted, or payment?

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