Holdfast call for submissions and issue#2


Issue#2: Animals, Beasts & Creatures is out now at www.holdfastmag.com 

Holdfast is a free, quarterly, online speculative fiction magazine that explores all things fantastic.

In this issue we explore speculative fiction’s relationship to our furred, scaled and feathered friends. From the hearths of our ancestors, who told tales to ward off the night that teemed with hostile beasties, to modern fiction, we have woven these companions into our myths, our legends, and our stories.

Read of god-challenging goats, horrifying dogs, earthshaking bulls and murderous blackbirds in our fiction section. Discover amazing writers with our bite-sized reviews of recommended reading on our bookshelf, and read our featured author interview with Sarah Pinborough. Explore humanity’s bond with wild creatures in the work of Robin Hobb, witness our attempt at conversion of a fantasy hater in the Unbelievers, and learn about the huge impact birds have had on speculative fiction in our non-fiction section. Find out about the insect fairies of Tessa Farmer and read a round up of dragons in Cross Media. All whilst listening to our Beasts playlist to get you in the mood.

We are now open for submissions for issue#3 Objects, Artefacts and Talismans. We are looking for fiction, articles and illustrators. Go to our submissions page for more information.

Contact us at: submissions@holdfastmagazine.com www.facebook.com/holdfastmag  @holdfastmag

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