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Holdfast Print Anthology #2 and Call for Submissions Aug 9

Call for submissions & British Fantasy Society best speculative fiction magazine nomination July 16


Holdfast is a free, quarterly, speculative fiction magazine that explores all things fantastic. We interpret speculative fiction as an umbrella term for Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Utopian, Urban fantasy, Alt History, Dystopian, Apocalyptic, Post-apocalyptic…and as many odd, weird and bizarre variations herein.

 We celebrate speculative fiction by focusing on specific aspects of the genres in themed issues, picking apart each topic in a detailed, analytical yet entertaining way. These genres have so much to offer the literary world, and we want to share our passion for this rich, fascinating and varied resource.

To read fiction and poetry brought to life by wonderful illustrators, read articlesinterviews with authors, reviews, and to listen to fantasy playlists, go to www.holdfastmagazine.com

Or even get involved in our storychain, and co-write a story with our featured author!

We are currently open to submissions. For further information go to our submissions page.



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