Patchwork Paper Magazine



Patchwork Paper is an online arts magazine based in London  publishing  poetry, short prose, photography, illustration, and topical articles by established and up-and-coming artists and writers from all over the world.

The magazine was built out of a desire to create an artistic platform that was free and uncensored, and became in essence an arts and activism ‘zine, publishing free opinion, fiction and visual culture and encouraging political and personal expression through art.  We are open to submissions on any theme but will favour pieces that explore the concept of arts activism in some way. We specially like to publish material which challenges the idea of society (politics, love, race, nationality, gender, urbanity  etc).

Luisa Neves- Photographer

Luisa Neves- Photographer

Jenny Gordon- Collagiste

Jenny Gordon- Collagiste

– What is art activism?

Art Activism, in the context of The Patchwork Paper, is any kind of creative expression that merges the political, the personal and the artistic. The Patchwork Paper is a platform for free expression and has an inherently political form, because the act of writing without censorship and within the margins of freedom of speech is a political act, one that works against the ideologies of mainstream media. Whether the published piece is a photograph, a poem or an article it will combine artistic talent – writing, drawing, composition – with political or personal opinions and feelings. SEND US YOUR STUFF: PATCHWORKPAPER@GMAIL.COM LIKEWISE YOU CAN SEND US ANY QUERIES VIA THE CONTACT FORM BELOW:

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