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Submissions Closing Jul 31 Jul 21

Issue Zero – Call for Entries Jun 23


Breve New Stories is a literary magazine based in London.

Dedicated to original short stories, Breve New Stories aims to give emerging authors of literary short fiction the opportunity for their work to be published and read.

Breve New Stories believes in the short story as a single, complete artwork. By publishing a short story and a flash fiction piece in each issue, Breve New Stories gives each author the opportunity to be read and known by a growing public. Published authors will gain visibility both through the magazine and by writing on our blog about their passion for literature, their advice to aspiring writers and their future projects.

Breve New Stories is published in the form of a fresh, handy pamphlet printed on recycled paper using a Risograph digital press.  Visit our NEWS STAND  for single copies or subscriptions.


For info and entry guidelines visit our submission page.


Facebook: BreveNewStories

Twitter: @BreveNStories

We look forward to reading your stories!


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