Writing Short Fiction Magazine


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writing short fiction magazine

Friendly advice


Writing Short Fiction is a site which offers advice and resources to new and upcoming writers, including sections covering a large variety of different kinds of writing issues – getting ideas, where and when to write, going in for writing competitions, writing to prescribed limits, preparing and submitting work etc. There are also questionnaires testing knowledge of contemporary fiction and awareness of how to find magazines to submit to and send work to them, and resources lists including fiction competitions, short story competitions, and helpful sites such as Short Stops.


The site also has a Champion Fiction section where stories which have won prizes, commendations or listings have been contributed by writers with very impressive ‘bios’, all available to read with memberships, passwords, or other impositions.

Writer thinking

And, as of April 15th 2015, there will also be a Debut Fiction section for writers who are unpublished or have only a few items in their publication records as yet.

To contribute to either the Champion Fiction or the Debut Fiction section, please look at the site’s Submission Guidelines.

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