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 “We aim to publish vibrant and fresh writing. We hope to receive work that is a bit different, unconventional, or experimental in some way. Maybe an interesting blend of genres or media. Whatever your key ingredients are, make sure you move and surprise us!

  • Poetry (1-3 poems/up to 40 lines each)
  • Poetry related articles or reviews
  • Multi-media poetry
  • Flash Fiction (up to 1,000 words)
  • Fiction related articles or reviews
  • Short films of under 5 mins
  • Screen related articles or reviews

The submission process:

  • All submissions should be of high quality and to publishing standard. We will not accept submissions with grammatical mistakes, although we shall overlook the occasional typo.
  • All submissions should be sent via the submissions form on this page. You should attach your work in a Word file via the upload button. If you are sending multiple pieces, include them all on the same document. If you wish to submit film or audio visual, please contact
    us through the submissions form and we can discuss best formats with you.
  • Submit your work via the submissions form. We will send you an email to confirm receipt.
  • Our editorial team will review your submission and respond within 4-6 weeks. Please note that we are unable to make any payments for submissions.
  • We accept new and previously published work, providing you own the full copyright. Please do not send us work you do not own the copyright for. If you send us published work, please provide us with details and any links. By submitting your work to us, you are granting us permission (non-exclusive right) to reproduce your work, however, you, as the author, retain full copyright of your work.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions. If you are submitting elsewhere check they do too, to avoid withdrawal of submissions.
  • Include a biography of up to 40 words in your submission, which will be published with any successful pieces.
  • Include any author/writer links you wish to be included.
  • Include your Twitter name if you wish us to tweet your work when it has been published to the webzine. Also please follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages.”



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