Winamop Magazine


Winamop has been meandering through the internet for over 10 years now and we’re still not sure where we’re going.

If you think you can guide us by contributing a story, a poem or two, some artwork or something we haven’t thought of yet I’d be delighted to receive it.

We are based in England and we like to think that gives the site a different flavour (with a u of course) but our content is international and eclectic.

My name is Dave and I read everything sent to editor at winamop dot com but sometimes I take ages to reply…


Oh, if you’re wondering; the name of the site stemmed from my mistyping the URL for the popular music player Winamp. Up came an apologetic message saying that didn’t exist – well it does now! I used to give away little mops to contributors (win-a-mop eh?) but it got too expensive.

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