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Hello bunnies. White Rabbit is Gareth Brierley and Bernadette Russell. We create live lit events, theatre, cabaret, installations, podcasts, films and animations. We work with writers, performers, magicians, musicians and artists.

We love stories. Since 2008 we have been running award winning Live Lit cabaret Are You Sitting Comfortably? providing a platform for short stories and their writers in an installation part 1930s tea room, part Mad Hatters Party, part haunted doll house. We have a permanent home at Toynbee Studios with Arts Admin, but we also have created Are You Sitting Comfortably? for many other venues including National Theatre, Jacksons Lane, Thames Festival, Spitalfields Music Festival, Wandsworth Festival and Islington WORD festival.

For more about the show, how to submit, and what’s coming up please visit here: http://www.thewhiterabbit.org.uk/projects/are-you-sitting-comfortably/

A video of the show can be found here:


Other shows include:

storytelling installations The Lost Property Office http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLLFViQoqP4

Somniloquy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnUMyfrFyY8,

and Bedtime ~(no video available yet)

Our theatre show 366 Days Of Kindness is on tour from December 2013, more details can be found on the website here:


Plus new storytelling installation Coat Tales is at the Southbank Centre this winter


To get in touch, please email areyousittingcomfortably@live.com

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