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Trafika Europe issue 4 Armenian Rhapsody Jul 18

Trafika Europe Invites You To Visit Its Radio Campaign Feb 17


Trafika Europe brings you some of the best new literature from Europe, with our online quarterly journal. . . and featuring (from late 2015) Europe’s first online “literary” radio station!

This brief introductory video gives a nice overview of our history, goals, and enthusiasm:

Trafika Europe wants to be your meeting point for great new literature from across the 47 Council of Europe countries, to showcase what is exciting in emerging voices across the continent, and explore issues toward a greater sense of belonging and, ultimately, a more shared identity through European literature. By extending our vision to Council of Europe (twice as large as the EU), we’re exploring a “fresh-page” approach in European literature.  We hope this can help toward laying down a wider basis for mutual regard, openness and reciprocity among the many nations on the continent of Europe.

Trafika Europe statue reading 1

Enter our reading room and check out our free online quarterly literary journal. We’re especially pleased with this on-screen digest format – it makes reading great literature online a bit more how it should be. Be sure to go full-screen (with that four-arrows icon just below each issue if on a PC) for best enjoyment.

We are accepting submissions of quality fiction and poetry in English and English translation from any Council of Europe country on a rolling basis. Download our Submission Guidelines and contact us to submit by email.

If you like our journal and want to help us continue to support and bring you great new literature from Europe, please consider making a donation.

Be sure to sign up at our website to subscribe for free updates and news by email.
You can also like and follow us on Facebook and find us on Twitter.

Thanks! If you check out our journal, we hope you may find something there to enjoy.

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