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“… was founded in 2012 as a creative writing journal specialising in the many flavours of fantasy and science fiction. We aim to publish tri-annually in both print and electronic formats. The magazine is based in Britain, but takes submissions from, and sells copies, across the globe. Our team consists of joint head editors Heather Stallard and Sam Wood, who are aided and abetted by editor Shawn Major. If you wish to contact us, please dispatch your correspondence to

theurgy (noun)
1. the working of some divine or supernatural agency in human affairs.
2. the art of invoking deities or spirits for aid or information or knowledge unachievable through human reason.
3. a divine act; miracle.
4. a system of supernatural knowledge or powers believed bequeathed to the Egyptian Platonists by beneficent deities.

We are looking for dark and gritty fiction embracing the weird and the uncanny. Selected writings will take science fiction and fantasy to wicked and exciting new places.

We like cyberpunk, steampunk, dungeonpunk, and all kinds of -punk. We enjoy slipstream, urban fantasy, and magical realism. We want the wild, the bizarre, the mystical, and the technological. All submissions should be made through Theurgy Magazine’s Submittable page.

Please ensure submitted pieces are well-edited and proofed for spelling and grammar. All submissions should be original, unpublished, and in line with the magazine’s genre interests. Short stories should be no more than 6,000 words. Poems should be sent in batches of three to six for consideration. We accept simultaneous submissions, but please inform us of this when you submit.”


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