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The Yellow Room, founded in 1998 by former editor/publisher of QWF, is a bi-annual print magazine aimed primarily at female short fiction writers. In the current economic climate with rising print and postage costs, it has been difficult to remain on schedule due to cash flow problems. We have a sturdy subscription list, but need more subscribers to keep the magazine afloat. We have been considering using The Yellow Room Magazine as an anthology-based print edition to showcase the high standard of prizewinning stories and Flash Fiction pieces in our twice-yearly competitions. We get very few ‘straight’ submissions of a good enough standard and there is always a backlog of stories to print as well as competition winners. We are loathe to take on new submissions for the time being. The best chance of getting a story in the magazine is to enter one of our competitions. All details are on the website: We also have a Facebook page or you can follow editor, Jo Derrick on Twitter @yellowjo.

You can buy just one copy of The Yellow Room for £5.95 (details on the website) or subscribe to 2 issues for £11.

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