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“The Red Line is an online magazine publishing English Language short stories from International writers. Every major metro network seems to have a single red line cutting right through the centre of the city: London, Beijing, Moscow, Berlin, Edinburgh and Tokyo to name but a few. In this way it seemed like a universal, or at least global, symbol for anyone who lives or works in a major metropolitan area.

It also seemed like a good symbol for the divisions that make our lives interesting; the battle line on a map, the line between haves and have-nots, between countries, between communities, whether they be based on religion, culture, ethnicity, gender or sexuality. It is our belief that difference, even with the resultant frictions, is a force for good.)

We aim to bring together people from all over the world to contribute and participate. Quality fiction can take you out of your self for a time and show you a different way of looking at the world you live in. We want to introduce writers who have this talent to new readers who want the experience of traveling, to a completely different city or community, or to inhabit a completely different person, all by simply turning pages (or clicking a mouse).

We are looking for submissions, up to 3,500 words, from contributors who have something interesting to say and a talent for communicating. We want to take readers on a journey first and foremost, but we also want that journey to be to somewhere they would not normally go. Any stories involving vampires, wizards, or single women in their thirties looking for the perfect man/pair of shoes, will most likely need to be ground-breaking works of genius to make the short-list; they are all good subjects, but too familiar.

Contributions for each issue will be short-listed to somewhere between six and eight stories which will be posted on the site. Once they are on the site they will be handed to our judging panel, whether that be a reading group in Toronto or a convent in Dublin. The top story will receive a prize of GBP50.00.

Note: From January 2014, in addition to the rights listed above, The Red Line would reserve the right to publish all short-listed story in the end of year anthology. More details to follow.”


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