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“Published quarterly since 1997, The Reader is the only magazine that offers the whole literary mix: new fiction and poetry, classic and neglected works, interviews with leading figures in the world of the arts, thought-pieces, advice for reading groups, research into reading and news from the world of books.

“The Reader is one of the best things to thump through the letter box. . . . Full of pithy, passionate and precise things.” Seamus Heaney

The Reader offers great writing wherever we can find it, presenting big names and new voices side by side.

Poetry and short fiction account for 20-25% of each issue of The Reader and we encourage published and non-published writers to send in their work.

As a guideline for length/quantity, short stories or (more rarely) extracts from novels are normally 2,000-2,500 words long, and we ask that no more than six poems are submitted at one time. Only one short story should be submitted at one time.”


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