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The Queen’s Head is an illustrated menagerie of weird, eclectic fiction, poetry & musings. Based in Glasgow, with a UK and Ireland focus, but not averse to international offerings of weirdness, the zine aims to champion writers and illustrators who share a soft-spot for irreverence, a dark streak of obsession and a tongue occasionally in cheek.

Speculative, magical realism, slipstream; call it what you will. If it blurs the boundaries between sci-fi, fantasy, horror and literary fiction, if it laughs in the face of convention, if it can teach reality to roll over and beg: we’re into it. Any themes are coincidental, we’re interested exclusively in miscellany.

Non-fiction pieces are also very much welcomed, and no subject is taboo, although we are always on the lookout for real life stories too strange to be true and culture criticism that doesn’t take itself, culture, or for that matter, criticism, all too seriously.

Full submission guidelines, print and PDF copies and blogs can be found at our website.


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