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“is a small independent publishers producing a biannual journal of contemporary literature. Each issue is centered around a theme, with poets, authors and illustrators invited to respond in an original and creative way. The Poor Press issues will appear online and in print. Print editions will be available through both our website and independent retailers.

The Poor Press are also establishing a programme of literary events in London and the North West, including readings and discussion groups. These events will be run to both introduce writers to a responsive audience and to finance printing costs, and will be advertised through our website.

We are happy to offer reciprocal support and partnerships to other publishers and other similar organisations.

We’re excited about the future of The Poor Press. For previews of our work and events, follow us on twitter or like us on facebook.

We are looking for submissions of original poetry and short creative prose of less than 500 words, unrestrained by form or genre that respond to a specific theme.”


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