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Once a humble photocopied “zine” found loitering in Cork cafes, The Penny Dreadful now is a handsomely produced print magazine showcasing new and established voices, the likes of Paul Muldoon, Alan Titley, Eimear Ryan, Kevin Barry and other such literary persons.  Published by John Keating and Marc O’ Connell, The Penny Dreadful is an eclectic mix of short fiction, reviews, poetry and art, the perfect thing to leave on your table, in order to indicate your wide ranging interests and impeccable taste. It can be purchased online via selected very good bookstores or our website.

“Our Website?” You ask. Why yes, in addition to our fine magazine, we have the PD Online, a website dedicated to giving you more of the Penny Dreadful goodness you carve. We update regularly with articles, poems and tales and are also active on Twitter and Facebook, dispensing witticisms, monochromatic photography of moustachioed men and details on how you can submit to the Penny Dreadful.

We have allotted periods for accepting submissions and do not accept work outside of them. We will ask that you send up to 2 stories of up to 3000 of your most smashing words and up to 6 poems of whatever length (within reason). We do also ask that you include a short bio (100 words max) and, if applicable, links to your website. For announcements of these submission times, follow us on the various internet social things we mentioned in the last paragraph.

Now using the magic of the digital lithograph, please click on the image below and enjoy a virtual excerpt of Issue two.


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