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Issue 2 of TNR Is Now Available Dec 8

Issue 1 is Available Now! Sep 11

Call for Submissions May 30

The Nottingham Review is a British digital literary journal, publishing original short fiction and poetry from around the world quarterly. Issues will be published online in March, June, September, and December.

We’re looking for diverse characters, voices and settings in stories that focus on the ordinary, mundane aspects of contemporary life. Situations and characters that are firmly grounded in reality. We particularly love literary minimalism/dirty realism, defined by Granta editor Bill Burford as stories ‘devoted to the local details, the nuances, the little disturbances in language and gesture… these are strange stories: unadorned, unfurnished, low-rent tragedies about people who watch day-time television, read cheap romances or listen to country and western music.’ We are not looking for stories that would be considered genre fiction.

Fiction: 100-5000 words
Poetry: 3-5 poems

See the website for submission guidelines:

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