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“is an online literary publishing project. We aim to promote literary interestingness on the web at a grassroots level. METRIC’s origins are sprung from smaller e-zines. Having emancipated ourselves from these roots, we now dream of a magazine which allows for the critical freedom of anonymity, whilst maintaining the satisfaction of individual authorship. We endorse no one identity.

We are friends of places that promote freedom of information, in that we believe that there is a need for nodes of literary catalysis on the web.  We share stories before we share names and histories, trying to escape their boundaries with narrative.  Here, information flows freely, and intelligence can ensue. Where else is thinking born, if not in free space? Where else can literature thrive, if not outside of the economy of attention that dominates our shared culture these days?

The METRIC editors understand themselves as moderators, plucking strands of clouds – and organising them, so that readers can read asreaders, not as part of a mob. We are one of many projects, and yet, like any other good project, we have a unique footprint which we try to create in our editions of new online literature.

The METRIC is run by an anonymous collective of editors from all over the world. Contact us at”

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