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“is one of the fastest growing literary magazines in the country. Publishing a variety of contemporary writers from around the world, it provides critical reviews of recent books, anthologies and pamphlets and essays on a diversity of significant modern and important contemporary English and American poets. Each issue features a number of regular columnists adding wide focus and independent thought on the contemporary poetry world.

We appreciate social and poetic awareness; enjoy what’s spontaneous, strong and direct 
alongside writing that prompts close and divergent readings. 
While our central focus stems from the political 
and socio-economic predicaments of the 
individual in relation to his/her historical and geographical landscape, Tears in the Fence 
is open to other human issues and concerns 
and seeks to be forward-looking in relation 
to current developments within world poetry. We believe in difference and the other. We admire tradition and experiment. We are thus eclectic and encourage localised and wider, divergent reading.

Effective writing perhaps stems from giving 
equal measure to the known and unknown, simplicity and difficulty, sound and sense, in an economic, vivid and uplifting way.”


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