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iTunes Reviews:

“A mysterious, unique podcast unlike any other that I’ve listened to”

“This is a really great podcast. Dark and weird stories with fantastic audio production.”

“This is great, really enjoyable stuff. If your a fan of words and noises you should definitely listen to it.”

“A collaborative & entertaining show, mixing the talents of writers & sound designers working together to bring you a finished work of fiction.”

“Quirky in all the right ways! The music compliments the stories beautifully. A real delight!”

What is it…

Tapes and Tales is a podcast creating stories for headphones. Writers collaborate with sound designers to create an immersive experience exploring the depths of audio storytelling. We are always looking for writers who can deliver emotive and visceral stories that we can then embellish with soundtrack and Foley. Points of reference should be somewhere between Chris Morris’ Blue Jam and The Truth from Radiotopia.

We don’t have a particular genre or theme for the podcast but we do love stories regarding existential oddities and the curiosity of the mind and heart.

What you need to do…

Writers should be able to record their own stories – we can assist with technical guidance on this – contributors have used free programs with laptops and mics, hand held recorders or free apps on their phones. Performance is more important than audio quality, although both are key for creating an engaging narrative. Once recorded send your audio file to us and we’ll assign a sound designer to do the rest. Each podcast show consists of three stories tenuously linked with a loose theme.

  • Stories should be between 4 and 10 minutes in length
  • Recorded in a quiet location with minimum background noise
  • A wav audio file is our preferred format but high quality mp3s are great too – we can advise on this

This is an open ended call for submissions

Find out more…

You can listen to previous shows online at https://soundcloud.com/tapes-and-tales

If you are interested please get in touch via hello@tapesandtales.com

Visit our website: www.tapesandtales.com

twitter: @tapesandtales or find us on iTunes, Stitcher or your favourite podcast app