Call for submissions: The Cardiff Review’s queer issue

Email-call for submissions

Since the Summer of 2016 we have been publishing the literary work of young, courageous and talented writers from across the globe, many of whom found their first writing credit with us. In fact, The Cardiff Review was founded for that very reason: to create a platform on which emerging writers could have their work read, viewed, shared and celebrated.

Of course, devoting an issue of the magazine to queer writing and queer writers is not say that other issues do not or will not feature either, but rather that we believe so strongly that filling the world with diverse voices is both impactful and important, the very least we can do is devote 72 pages to the cause.

That said, what is queer writing? Simply put, we define queer writing as literary work that is either written by someone who identifies themselves as queer, or that deals with the identities, themes, nuances, facts of life pertaining to queerness.

We’ll be reading for our queer issue until April 15, 2018. All submissions to themed issues must still abide by our submissions guidelines.

To submit:

1. Ensure that you have read our submission guidelines
2. Send your work to
3. Include Spring 2018 in the subject line of your email submission

The Cardiff Review Short Story Award

The Cardiff Review Short Story Award

The Cardiff Review Short Story Award, an annual prize for excellence in short fiction from new writers, is now open for submissions. The winning story will be published in a future issue of The Cardiff Review and awarded a cash prize of £150. We accept stories in English, between 1000 and 5000 words, from anywhere in the world; though each entrant may only submit once.


The Cardiff Review Short Story Award is open to new writers, which we define as individuals who have yet to begin a postgraduate/graduate programme, have not yet published a major piece of work and are not widely published in literary magazines. If you are unsure of whether you fall into this category or not, feel free to email us at The award is open to any young writer working in English.

Read more and enter The Cardiff Review Short Story Award.