Shooter Lit Mag invites submissions for “Surreal” issue

Submissions are now open for the third issue of Shooter Literary Magazine, with the theme of “Surreal.”

Shooter welcomes short fiction, non-fiction and poetry that pertains to the strange and fantastical, oddballs and eccentrics, weird and wonderful, transgressive and transcendent. Writers might consider the juxtaposition of the bizarre with the everyday and the unusual within the ordinary. Other starting points include dreams, nightmares, symbolism, places where anything can happen and things that are not as they seem.

Shooter invites writers to explore the limits of their imagination, but keep in mind that writing must be of a literary standard: beautifully written, well crafted stories with compelling characters, and poetry that is rooted in meaning. Prose pieces should run between 2,000 and 7,500 words. Writers may submit one story and up to three poems per issue. The deadline is October 25th, 2015. Please visit Shooter’s Submissions page for further guidelines.

Please send work as .doc, .docx or .rtf attachments, with a brief 2-3 sentence cover letter mentioning prior publishing experience, to

Extended Submission Deadline for The Siren’s FUGUE II

The ship has not yet sailed if you would like to be part of The Siren Press’ second short story anthology FUGUE II, as the deadline for submissions has been extended to Thursday March 19th.

Following closely in the footsteps of its predecessor, FUGUE II is looking for short stories that are intelligent, amusing and dark in nature. The stranger and more surreal the better. For a taste of just what we mean, FUGUE included tales concerning a budding romance between man and machine, the unfortunate consequences of living in an adult anxiety dream, and a narrator living amid a melting city.

If you have a completed story or draft that you think would be perfect to add to our eclectic mix, please submit your work at : and quick!

The Siren Team

Marek on Radio 4 and Comma’s Short Story Writing Course

If you haven’t been following it already, do be sure to tune into BBC Radio 4 Extra all this week at 11am to give your ears a ruddy good treat with Adam Marek’s delicious, bizarre and hysterical short stories, taken from his two collections Instruction Manual for Swallowing and The Stone Thrower, published by Comma Press. Today’s dose is ‘The 40-Litre Monkey’, a comic yet slightly unnerving tale of an odd pet shop owner and his even weirder collection of animals. You can catch up on Monday’s episode and see what stories are forthcoming here. Adam has been described by The Independent as ‘Early McEwan meets David Cronenberg’, and  author Alison MacLeod has praised him as ‘one of the best things to have happened to the short story this century’. You can find out more about Adam on his website

And if you missed the last one, bookings are now open for the next Comma Press Short Story Writing Course to be held at MadLab in April and tutored by Claire Dean.  Over the course of six weeks, participants will study the narrative structure of the short story, receive tailored feedback on their writing, and experience a chance to hone their craft to a publishable standard. And there will be biscuits. Lots of biscuits. For more information and to book your place, click here.