Story Sunday in Bristol: call for submissions

Writers Unchained of Bristol are delighted to be open for submissions once more for our second 2018 Story Sunday event on Sunday October 7th when ten writers will be invited to take to the Southbank stage in Bedminster to enthral us with their talent.
Our theme this time is The Fall  which you may interpret any way you like.

Submissions Open Now

Any genre is acceptable, your story may be set in the past, present, future, or might be just a moment, crystallised in words. As ever we love to be shocked, stunned, terrified or delighted.

If you’d like to send a story for our consideration, please observe the following:

  • wordcount 500 – 1500 – complete stories please, no extracts
  • your story can be published or unpublished as long as you have the right to read it out
  • deadline midnight Sunday September 23rd. 
  • only submit if you can read on Sunday October 7th between 7.30 and 9.30 pm at Southbank Club, Dean Lane, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 1DB. We’ll let you know if you’ve been chosen around a week beforehand.
  • email your submission to writersunchained at with ‘The Fall’ in the subject line
  • attach the story as a Word doc (or docx) rather than in the body of the email. Make sure you include your own name, the title and the wordcount with the text

We think this should cover everything, but if you have any questions we suggest you contact us via Twitter @bww_unchained or email writersunchained at with ”Story Sunday query’ in the subject line.

Hoping to hear from you soon!


Story Fridays – Call for Submissions

The next Story Friday has the theme of ‘Stolen’: stolen hearts, stolen kisses, stolen jewels, stolen lives… who is the thief in your story?  Will you go all Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or are your robber’s deeds more domestic?  We can’t wait to read your stolen stories!  2,000 words maximum, no minimum, deadline Monday April 30th.  Story Friday Stolen is on Friday 11th May – please ensure you are available to come to the event before submitting.  We have fine actors who are happy to read your story for you if you’d like them to – please let us know when you submit.  For more information about Story Fridays, to listen to stories that we’ve recorded, for full submission details and to submit your story click here.

Story Fridays gets the shivers!

Missing Halloween already?  Been inspired by ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night?  Story Fridays wants your stories on the theme of HAUNTING.  This is our firstly ghostly themed Story Fridays in five years, so we’re really excited and just a little bit scared already!  Stories should be 2,000 words or fewer, deadline for submissions is coming up fast on 13th November, and the date of Story Friday Haunting is 24th November in Bath.  Please ensure you are available to come along before you submit.  If you don’t want to read your story, and would like one of our wonderful actors to read it for you, please let us know when you send in your story.  We can’t wait to read them!  For more information, to listen to the kind of stories we like, and to submit your story, click here.

Story Fridays Call for Submissions

Story Fridays 2

After a brilliant evening of Brief Encounter stories last month, we are now looking for submissions for our January event, theme BLUE.


As always, we are looking for short stories or monologues, fact or fiction (but mainly fiction) that would be 15 minutes or under when read, so maximum 2,100 words.  The event will be on FRIDAY 17th JANUARY at Burdall’s Yard in Bath.  Deadline for submissions is MONDAY 6th JANUARY.  Please do check that you are available to come along on the 17th before you submit – we like to welcome all the writers to our events, the audience likes to meet you!  Two wonderful professional actors Olly and Caroline from Kilter Theatre are more than willing to read your piece if performance gives you the jitters.  Let us know in your submission whether you would like to read, or have your piece read.  This is an unpaid opportunity.

Please submit your stories via the A Word In Your Ear website:

There is loads more info about Story Fridays on the website, and you can listen to some of the fantastic stories that have been performed at our events.