1 month left to enter The Cro Magnon’s Short Story Competition

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The Cro Magnon’s first Short Story Competition deadline is nearly upon us. For your chance to win £100 make sure that you have submitted your entry before 13.00 on 30th September 2015 which is already just around the corner!

Our theme “Primitive Humanity’ has provoked some fascinating entries already. We have been tentatively reading through the pile of submissions and we have been bowled over by the feast of imaginative, brutal, and beautiful stories we have found. We must say a big thank you to everyone who has already entered! For the rest of you (who are no doubt frantically still redrafting your entry) we wish you the best of luck and look forward to receiving your words.

And for those of you who live in caves and have managed not to hear about our little competition you can find out more and enter here.

The Cro Magnon Short Story Competition 2015: Primitive Humanity

Primative Humaity Product Image001

The Cro Magnon is proud to announce its 2015 Short Story Competition: Primitive Humanity.

We are looking for short stories of 3000 words max. composed on the theme: Primitive Humanity. We want you to find something eternal which has been present in humans from our primal beginnings to the civilised present, whether it is our bestial rage, passionate lust, the complex relationships we strive to maintain or just our love of art. Your story can be set anywhere, at anytime, but it has to say something about our primitive nature. Be bold, be ambitious!

1st Prize is £100 and the ‘Best of the Rest’ will all be published on our site. Visit www.thecromagnon.com for more details. Deadline 31st September 2015. Once you’ve finished writing don’t waste a second before you enter your story here! Read terms and conditions carefully before entering. 

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