Deadline Day is Coming! London Independent Story Prize

Just a few days left until the Deadline! 10th of January!

Polish those 300-word short-short stories and take your chance. Become a part of this wonderful community of writers and storytellers. Take the chance of winning the prize! Give your story a chance to be recognised.

Check out the 2018 Calendar from here LISP.

LISP judges are looking for strong and unique voices, check out the interviews with the judges on the website.

‘Originality must come from other resources: from one’s own voice, personality, character.’ Luis Pizarro, LISP judge.

‘Given that the story can only be 300 words, I am looking for something beyond the ephemeral, a story that will make an impression.’ James Kirchick, LISP judge.

‘LISP is based on creating a great community and, of course, all the writers who attend the competition will definitely be a part of this network. However, winners are winners, and they will have the greatest advantage. First of all, the prize and publication, and when you win a competition, it means that your pen has been recognised, which is a great feature for any writer. Not only while trying to reach agents or publishers, but also the personal satisfaction is priceless. Especially for young writers, it’s a way to build confidence.

As an award winner, I can also say that it helps you to improve. Now you see that you can write things that others appreciate as well, which encourages you to be even bolder.’ Ozge Gozturk, LISP founder.

Extended Submission Deadline for The Siren’s FUGUE II

The ship has not yet sailed if you would like to be part of The Siren Press’ second short story anthology FUGUE II, as the deadline for submissions has been extended to Thursday March 19th.

Following closely in the footsteps of its predecessor, FUGUE II is looking for short stories that are intelligent, amusing and dark in nature. The stranger and more surreal the better. For a taste of just what we mean, FUGUE included tales concerning a budding romance between man and machine, the unfortunate consequences of living in an adult anxiety dream, and a narrator living amid a melting city.

If you have a completed story or draft that you think would be perfect to add to our eclectic mix, please submit your work at : and quick!

The Siren Team

8 Days of Ether – Flash Fiction Competition

We’re running a fast-paced new flash fiction contest at Ether Books. The contest is already underway (we’re a little late adding it here—oops!), but feel free to hop in at any point for a chance to win.

Edit: we’ve changed some of the details since this post was originally published. We’ve had to move the downloads phase/publication of entries until the end of the contest, due to technical issues.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The submissions phase takes place June 16th – June 23rd.
  • It’s a flash fiction competition, with a limit of 500 words.
  • There will be a new theme every day. Our first, for example, was ADVENTURE.
  • You have 24 hours to submit to each theme, and at midnight GMT we switch to the next one.
  • There are two ways to win: by number of downloads or judged:

    • At the end of the contest, we will release all entries and give you eight days to get the downloads in. The person with the OVERALL highest number of downloads wins the grand prize of options in the company, which means you have more of a chance the more times you enter. All downloads count, minimum 100 downloads to qualify.

    • We will also pick our favourite from each day/theme, to be announced at the end of the contest. Winners get a promotional package: we feature you and your work (on blog, app, website), promote you on social media, etc.
  • The submissions phase closes midnight June 24th, and all winners will be announced following the downloads phase (approximately July 2nd, TBC).
  • You may submit one entry per day.

Keep an eye on our competitions page, which we’ll be updating every day! You can login and register from here. We also have a dedicated Facebook group, which anyone can join.