The Birth of flash & cinder

flash & cinder is a new literary magazine dedicated to flash fiction and poetry encircling a single idea. Our first issue, Spirit, is due to be formally released in July 2018 to start of our summer/winter alternation. We love writing that pushes boundaries and dares to experiment.

We’ve already received bounties of wonderful flash fiction and poetry, but we’re always interested in reading more. We love literary magazines such as Smokelong Quarterly MagazineNew Flash Fiction Review and Magma Poetry, and want to build something that will eventually stand proudly among them.
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We are open for submissions for our very first issue now! If you have flash fiction or poetry on the theme of Spirit, we’d love to read it. Poems may be up to and including 32 lines long, while flash fiction can only be up to 750 words.

If you’re interested, please submit up to three pieces to Submissions close March 31st 2018.

We look forward to reading your work.
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Issue Thirty-Eight Of Neon – Plus Battery Pack Makes Its Debut


The beginning of July saw the publication of not only a new issue of Neon Literary Magazine, but also Neon‘s first ever tiny anthology of micro-fiction Battery Pack. This mini booklet featured stories by David Hartley, Henry Northmore, Sarah Butler, Tamasine Reilley, Jenny Mackenzie, and Tracy Fells. At fewer than five hundred words in length, Battery Pack is a quick but (I hope) stimulating read – and best of all it’s free. The simplest way to get hold of a copy at the moment is to order the current issue of Neon – each copy is despatched with a free Battery Pack. Keep an eye on the site for more information in the very near future.

Neon Literary Magazine itself has also undergone some changes. It is now perfect bound and a full thirty pages longer. This gives me the space to feature longer works and a greater number of writers. Issue 38 for example includes fiction and poetry by Steve Subrizi, Peter Branson, Ian Mullins, Holly Day, Claire Joanne Huxham, Jonathan Greenhause, Mark Vanner, Alina Rios, Sam Preminger, and Huang Kaishan. There’s also an extract from Karen Heuler’s recent novel Glorious Plague, and a beautiful cover image by Diána Farkas Fruzsina.

In order to fill all those extra pages, I’m now looking for more submissions, particularly short stories. If you think you’ve got something that would work well in issue 39, then please do drop by the Guidelines page to find out how to send it along.