Story Cities Flash Fiction Anthology

Submissions invited of flash fiction from 1-500 words, in any genre, on the subject of the city, to be published in the anthology Story Cities. Deadline for submissions 16 September 2018.

The city is a place where populations meet and strangers pass one another. Where stories are created, told, remembered and discarded. We are looking for tiny stories that are rich in plot and character – exploring the city through the journeys we take; the situations we encounter; the dialogues and connections we make. This will be a book that readers can take to any city and every city, in order to experience it through stories and imagine it differently.

If you are interested in submitting a flash fiction to our book, please go to our website for full guidelines on what we are looking for and how to submit.

Story Cities is a collaborative research project initiated by lecturers at the University of Greenwich, London – Rosamund Davies, Senior Lecturer in Media and Creative Writing, and Kam Rehal, Senior Lecturer in Graphic and Digital Design.

Shooter invites submissions for “Cities”

The fifth issue of Shooter Literary Magazine will take the geographic theme of Cities, drawing upon the vitality and diversity of urban life – or, depending on the writer’s perspective, the grinding challenges of the crowded, fast-paced metropolis.

Writers may submit short fiction, non-fiction and poetry to do with historic, contemporary or futuristic cities, engaging with some aspect of the politics, pressures and allure of the urban experience. On the non-fiction side, insightful travel pieces revealing something unusual or unique about any city around the world are especially welcome.

Prose should fall between 2,000 and 7,500 words, and poets may submit up to three poems by October 16th, 2016. As always, Shooter seeks to uphold a high literary standard, so the quality of the writing is paramount. A vividly conjured urban setting is not enough to make a compelling story: we’re looking for pieces that explore some aspect of human experience unique to a city, stories that lead with character and illuminate the universal by means of the particular. Similarly, sharply observational, insightful poetry is preferred to obscure experimental fare.

For further guidelines on how to submit to Issue #5, please visit Shooter’s Submissions page. We look forward to reading your work!