Banksy at the Bath Fringe? 5th June

More BanksyLess than a week to go before Talking Tales, Bristol’s finest story telling night, hits the Bath Fringe Festival at Burdall’s Yard.

Stokes Croft Writers are hosting a brilliant cast of writers from Bristol and beyond plus quokkas*, zombies** and Banksy***. Live Lit? Oh yes.  You may want to escape to the streets of Paris for a bit of peace and quiet…

* nope – never heard of them either

** heard of them – and so will you on the night

*** in name only…or in person?

You can pay at the door, entry is £5 each or 2 for £8, but if you want to be sure…and want to avoid another long wait for the green man at the London Road crossing…advance tickets are available here: Tickets

Starts at 8pm.

Bath Fringe Festival




Talking Tales @ Bath Fringe Festival: 5th June

More Banksy Than Bonnets Bath Fringe Festival

Talking Tales, Bristol’s finest story telling night, is going on tour – to the Bath Fringe Festival.

Stokes Croft Writers bring a selection of tales from Bristol’s best writing talents to Burdall’s Yard. Expect entertaining and edgy stories from the creative heart of Bristol and beyond.

More a cultural exchange than an inter-city invasion, but we might bring our superheroes and zombies. We might bring our Beryl and we will certainly bring our badges. Who knows…we might even bring Banksy*.

Probably for one night only, although the temptation to set up an independent state may yet get the better of us.

Bonnets not required.

Tickets are £5 or 2 for £8 – available here: Tickets Starts at 8pm.

* re Banksy – who’s going to know?

Talking Tales