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“is the magazine for innovative, visual, and experimental writing. if you want to become a part of streetcake… send between 2-5 poems or fiction (excerpt or story of around 2500 words) to: please submit with subject “submissions”, with a short biography about yourself (4-5 lines) and supply your writing in a pdf format or word document. we also accept photographs and artwork so please send anything through in high resolution jpeg of tiff format. there will be no themes, no other rules. however, do please read previous issues to get an idea of what we look for. otherwise, the decision is all yours and the pleasure all ours…

we want to be excited by     your
writing, turned on,
amazed by your images, Eyes darting all
over the
page                trying to
up, shocked, shivering with/ uncertainty, smacked
over the head by
craziness of it-
if that sounds like you, then please submit!”


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