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London StorySLAM Live July 02 June 26

Are you an emerging writer? Would you welcome structural editorial feedback? Do you need a platform on which you can strut your words? Or do you love to hear new writing? Then StorySLAM: Live is for you, an established and exciting London storytelling event and essential motivator for writers and readers alike.

At StorySLAM: Live we invite the writer to read their own work in front of an audience and three-person panel of judges that include editors, fellow writers and creative writing mentors. So come out of that garret, brush madness off your shoulder and unclasp your heart; StorySLAM: Live awaits you with baited breath and eager ears; brave it on the stage and consider that you have made the first steps to getting yourself published.

StorySLAM: Live is held throughout the year at London’s South Bank. The story needs to be on theme and no longer than 5 minutes in length. We choose eight writers per event. Just pop along with story in hand and register yourself at the front desk. If there is more than eight entrants then stories will be randomly chosen. We will take note of your name if you are not chosen and ensure that you have a hearing on the next event. Everyone is welcome.

For more information about StorySLAM: Live please email: Creative Director, Skip Oliver –

For events, times and dates and to subscribe see:

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