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Debut issue of Spontaneity! Dec 17th


Spontaneity is all about inspiration! We spark a chain reaction between poetry, prose and visual art.

Our debut issue Age and Beauty is online! Now, it’s up to you – the artist –  to react and respond to work on Spontaneity and create the next theme!

Spontaneity is an organic, interactive place where you are inspired by others –  and in turn spark an idea for someone else. It’s a place where one idea really does lead to another!

So what kind of thing are we after? We want truthful, beautiful things in words and pictures. We have no boxes, so there are no restrictions on style or genre – it doesn’t matter if you’re edgy or traditional, avant garde or classical. Prose poetry, fragments, spoken word? Yes, yes, yes! Visual art, photography, animation? With pleasure. Already we have submissions from established artists, absolute beginners and emerging writers.

Inspired? Check out our guidelines and submit!  Read what inspired the idea for Spontaneity and have a look at our philosophy. Submissions to editor@spontaneity.org

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