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‘Unlike any other literary event… go along and see for yourself! ‘

The Huffington Post

What’s all this then?

At Short Stories Aloud,  professional actors read short stories by published authors. After the stories have been read, there’s an interval, then a Q&A session with our two guest authors. Easy, no?

Where did the idea come from? 

Short Stories Aloud is the British cousin of New York’s renowned series Selected Shorts, which features luminaries such as Alec Baldwin and Kevin Spacey reading the likes of Chekhov. Similar shows have existed across the US for a while, but none in the UK. We decided it was time to change that, and to add an author element to the mix too. Oh, and cake.


Yes; like our friends at the Firestation Bookswap in Windsor, if you bake a cake, you get in for free. Well, you need something to eat with your glass of wine, don’t you?

Where can I find all this story and cake and wine goodness?

The event is held in central Oxford, in the recently-renovated Old Firestation arts organisation, on the fourth Tuesday of every month. We also tour; we’ve visited the Chipping Norton Literary Festival and will be at the Bath Literature Festival on March 3rd, 2014.

And what does it cost if I don’t bake?

A mere fiver, for a very happy evening’s entertainment. Or £3 for concessions. (We were once asked if we ‘took confessions’. We do, but that costs more).

Which authors might I see if I come along?

To date, we’ve had some wonderful guest authors: Catherine O’Flynn, Viv Groskop, Essie Fox, Sophie Hannah, Jonathan Grimwood,  Charlotte Mendelson and Ron Rash to name just a few so far. Lined up still for this year we have LONGBOURN author Jo Baker and Margaret Drabble.

And who will I see read?

We cast our actors according to the stories, but regulars to the show include Oxford actor Steve Hay, Radio 4 actor, playwright and author Julie Mayhew, and Archers actor Jenny Johns.

Well, but why should I believe you?

Don’t! Believe others. Our audience, the most welcoming, warm literary audience in the country, was once described by a guest author as ‘exceptionally involved.’. And here’s what the Huffington Post had to say about us.

How do I find out more?

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