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Short Science Fiction Submissions For Shoreline Of Infinity Jan 5

Shoreline of Infinity is Open For Submissions Sep 21

Shoreline of Infinity is a new Science Fiction magazine from Scotland. It is available on your favourite ereader from your favourite ebookshop and is also in available in print. We open for submissions at various times of the year.

We want stories that explore our unknown future. We want to play around with the big ideas and the little ones. We want writers to tell us stories to inspire us, give us hope, provide some laughs. Or to scare the stuffing out of us. We want good stories: we want to be entertained, here on the Shoreline. We want to read how people cope in our exotic new world, we want to be in their minds, in their bodies, in their souls.

As we sit around a fire of driftwood, sparks floating to mingle with the stars in the sky, we can share these tales, and remember one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings is our infinitely expandable imagination and sense of wonder.

To find out more, and to submit your story, visit:  Submissions – fiction

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