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The 2020 Shooter Poetry Competition is open!


Shooter Literary Magazine launched in January 2015 with the goal of supporting emerging writers of literary fiction, creative non-fiction, narrative journalism and poetry. Though based in the UK, Shooter publishes work in English by writers from anywhere in the world. The magazine publishes biannually, in January and July.

One of Shooter’s founding principles is to compensate writers and artists for their work. Far too many magazines and literary journals pay their contributors nothing. Financial acknowledgement sends a message that high-quality creative work is valued; even a small amount of money provides encouragement for emerging writers and artists. The future cultural landscape depends upon nurturing talent and connecting exciting new writers to readers. Shooter aims to make that connection.

To subscribe, please visit Shooter’s Subscriptions page. Writers and illustrators interested in submitting work can find guidelines at the Submissions page. To hire Shooter’s editor, Melanie White, for a close line edit and comprehensive feedback on your work, please visit the Editing Services page for information and testimonials.

Shooter also runs annual short story and poetry competitions that are open to work of any style and subject matter, with cash prizes, publication and promotion for the winners. The 2020 Poetry Competition is currently open to entries. We look forward to reading your work – good luck!

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