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“is The Magazine of World Literature published by Sentinel Poetry Movement on the last days of January, April, July and October every year. SLQ is an amalgamation of two magazines previously published by the movement, namely; Sentinel Poetry (Online) and Sentinel Poetry Quarterly.

The original concept of Sentinel Literary Quarterly was to publish online and in print. We attempted this is September 2007. We could not sustain it, and restructured the magazine completely, emerging in October 2008 as an Online only publication. We have now added an associated print magazine, Sentinel Champions – magazine of the best entries from our poetry and short story competitions.

We are sometimes quite surprised, but grateful that the readership of our magazine has continued to grow despite our checkered history. We are very proud of our back catalogue that goes back to December 2002. In total, Sentinel Poetry (Online) published 61 issues. We have not missed an issue of Sentinel Literary Quarterly since October 2008 and we are resolved never to. The magazine now publishes Poetry, Fiction, Drama, Essays, Interviews and Reviews. We also run quarterly writing competitions to keep the magazine free to read.


December 31st for January 31st publication.

March 31st for April 30th publication.

June 30th for July 31 publication.

September 30th for October 31st Publication.

Please note that if you submit your work within the window for a particular quarter and we like your work but may not be able to use it that quarter, we will write to let you know when your work will get published.

Fiction: Submit Short Stories, or Excerpts from Novels on any subject or theme up to 5000 words long. It is probably best to keep your story around the 3000 word mark. However a story needs to be as long or as short as it needs to be. If it has to get to 5000 words, so be it, but not a word more.

We discourage simultaneous submissions. The turnaround time is 8 weeks. Hopefully that is not too long for you. We discourage submissions of previously published work. Sentinel Literary Quarterly does not currently pay authors any money for work accepted and published. Every author published in print will receive a complimentary contributor’s copy.”