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“is a quarterly online and print journal published by Manchester’s ISMs Press. The title comes from the Expressionist concept of Sein und Werden – ‘being and becoming’, the notion that we are born as nothing and only through experience do we become who we are (an idea shared with Sartre in his work ‘Being and Nothingness’). Using certain techniques of cinematography to create lengthened shadows, twisted stairways and a distorted mise-en-scène, the Expressionists were able to depict a nightmare world that would later influence a number of other cinematic developments, such as film noir, aswell as leading artistic movements. One such group who owed much of their technique to Expressionism were the Surrealists, who played with these concepts to create bizarre images of the subconscious, making use of dreams and automatic writing. The goal of ‘Sein und Werden’ is to present works that evoke the spirit of the Expressionist, Existentialist and Surrealist movements within a modern context, which I like to call ‘Werdenism’.

The aims of Sein und Werden are to:

– Publish a quarterly collection of multidisciplinary work that incorporates elements of Expressionism, Existentialism and Surrealism, both online and in print.

– Accept submissions that broaden and emphasize the ideas behind Werdenism. As it stands there are a core group of artists whose work I feel embodies the concept of “Werdenism”. However, we are always looking for new blood and we are always open to submissions of new work as long as it exhibits the Werdenist gestalt. All work accepted shall remain copyright of the author/artist.

– Provide a theme for each issue (suggestions for future themes are encouraged). Submissions will not be restricted by the theme, although themed pieces will take preference and any other material may be held for use in a future issue, with the artist’s permission.

Every issue of Sein und Werden is themed and though non-themed work will be accepted, I will only consider these after a decision has been made on any themed material.Work must somehow incorporate the Werdenist ideal ie. it must touch on at least one of the isms – Expressionism, Surrealism, Existentialism. Sein und Werden is a non-profit-making venture, therefore we cannot pay for material we publish.

I want your: Short stories, novel excerpts, dreams, thoughts, scribblings, poetry, artwork, photography, unfinished writing. I am after experimental, non-genre, erotica, horror, philosophical, noir, crime, hard-boiled, surreal.
I am not after romance, shock tactics, morality stories, politics, gratuitous violence, chick-lit… I am interested in the concept of creativity, not as an ending but as something mutable, the before and after, the whys and hows, the accidents and the losses that result in something perfect. So if you submit a piece of work, feel free to expand on your ideas and decisions behind it, or simply write me an essay on your own creative experience.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, as are previously published pieces, as long as you let me know when and where the piece first appeared. Previous contributors are quite welcome, and encouraged, to submit to future issues.


– 6000 words max.
– One submission at a time.
– Send as a word.doc or RTF attachment. Please do not send in the body of the email.
– If you would like to include a bio please include it with your submission.
– All work can be linked to a website of your choice so please include the web address with your submission.”


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