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Some time in the past we thought,

hey, what happenned to all the penny dreadfuls? The pulp fiction and poetry broadsheets?

We threw our memories back to Victorian times, of sewage running in the streets, of Dickens and ol’ Jacky the Ripper and thought, “lets go back to that”. And so we are pleased to have launched Rockland, a fortnightly A3 freesheet, pumped through the literary veins of London and distributed in all manner of places from Waterstones to tattoo parlours!

find out where we distribute at

We have no specific artistic mandate, aside from bringing short-form literature into the lives of the reading public and so consider all forms of writing, regardless of length (we are a fan of serialisations!), form or topic. We do have a weekly theme, however this is more of a starting point for those looking for an inspiring prompt and entirely optional.


Anything a hundred words or less can be submitted as part of our flash fiction section, FLASH.

Anything non-fiction can be submitted as part of GONZO. However, we’ll only publish ‘creative’ non-fiction. That means you need a twisted take on your reporting.

Draw something for us!
Any graphics, illustrations or doodles are happily welcomed!


Bored on the train? Quick, write a 128 character story and tweet it with the #RL_TWICTION to see it appear in our next issue!


All the important information, from where to find us to how to submit can be found on our lovely website at:

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